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Male masseur in Granada

Finding in Granada the best male masseur is easy —from now on! Many international tourists from all over the world need the best gay massage in Granada after visiting the most famous venues the city keeps for you. You probably already noticed that massages for straight men are much easier to find. Why so?

Only the male masseurs in Granada who are advertising here are sufficiently guaranteed. As you guess, there is a lot of impostors where the number of non recurring clients is as high as in Granada. The difficult moments Spain is facing these days are the reason, very easy to understand.

With us, all the booking process is extremely easy and quick. Simply contact male masseur and let’s talk briefly about your preferences, location and budget. Enjoying your best gay massage in Granda is this easy —and this efficient with us!

Welcome to Granada! We assume you already know all the wonders this amazing place has to offer you!

So let’s discuss some also very pleasing aspects Granada is keeping for you. Namely the secret pleasures you can discover by hiring the male tantric masseur!

Searching for the safest and highest quality massage service in Granada usually needs much time. By comparing dubious guys, adventurous places —oftentimes hideous—, you’ll spend a lot of time. Not to mention the local guys take very long to answer.

You also know that the shortest way is not always the safest.

With us you are in good hands though. Because we know well all the male masseurs working with us everywhere: in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Ibiza and Sevilla. And of course here in Granada!

Besides, you want almost everything: the nice, young, attractive, sexy and extremely professional gay masseur. We got him for you!

Why do we stress this fact? Because in Granada, as everywhere else, there are plenty of extremely unsafe guys —in all aspects, also talking about hygiene.

And you want the most honest and reliable massage professional in Granada.

Tantric massage in Granada

Gay massage in Granada is a generic tag, so not exactly the same as the Tantric massage. So what is Tantra?

We’d like to introduce you to this amazing experience, which is not just erotic but also sensual, and it also includes awareness and mindfulness. If the receives wishes so, it also includes prostate stimulation and a very elaborate body to body contact. If this sounds appealing to you you can explore it on what is erotic Tantric massage.

Once you are in Granada, one of the most special cities in the world, you can also discover Tantra. These two Oriental experiences are a true match!

Tantric techniques

Tantra is a world of intimate communication a bit older than Granda. The first references we can read are from 3.500 years ago, written in Sanskrit.

So Tantra is a very ancient and exquisite discipline that explores human intimacy. Though its learnings are much deeper than these, we can point out grips as lingam massage, prostate massage and mutual touch. All these are just the starting points for a genuine sensual communciation between two males.

We hope to have the chance to serve you personally!

The treat you need in Granada

Standing long lines, walking miles and miles through the fascinating gardens of la Alhambra, the white houses Albaicín and many other tourist venues can be exhausting.

So before you call it a day, why not enjoy the blending of a real massage with some special sensuality?

Calling us is as easy as this, and of course we can adapt to your schedule and needs.

It’s your choice deciding wether in-call massage at the masseur’s studio or out-call massage to your hotel. It’s your time now to take this easy decision!

Male masseurs in Granada

We already have one gay masseur in Granada, though we are currently looking for more professional therapists in Granada.

Male masseur Granada

Male masseur Granada

The amount of international visitors is increasing again after covid-19, so we need to serve these wonderful men visiting from Northern Europe, the United States, the Arab Emirates and all Asian countries.

The ideal profile is 25-35 years of age, handsome, sexy body and the natural talent for erotic bodywork. If you have a studio to welcome the clients you’ll have many more appointments for sure! Contact us!

Or contact Paco

Sometimes Paco is coming’s g to Granada for the weekend. Not just to enjoy the nice city but also to serve his loyal clients in Granada.

Paco is this hairy daddy, expert in Tantric massage for gay men, so maybe his physical type is appealing to you.

Paco does not have a massage studio in Granada, but he can serve you in his own hotel room.

Please contact Paco to see when and where he can serve you!

Enjoy the best gay massage in Granada!

Gay life in Granada

There is probably not too much we can add here about everything you already know about Granada. Though you need to know that gay life, as in the rest of Andalucía, feels awkward to many a tourist.

There is an ancient trend to identify homosensuality with effeminate guys. While the masculine guys see themselves only as “tops” in the dominant male role —and not gay.

The typical Andalusian family dislikes, punishes and bans homosensuality, so the closets are full with men of all ages and all cultural and social backgrounds. Welcome to the city of secret lives and married men!

To us gay men the staring at us from other men in Granada is too obvious. You will probably attract the seductive looks of many effeminate guys. Most of them won’t take too long to ask you for some money —nothing is for free.

You guessed already that these guys don’t have a clue about massage, let alone tantric massage.

We always recommend to hire the professional therapists. As we do in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sitges, Sevilla, Santander and Benidorm. Because our service is reliable and professional in all aspects.

We only allow to advertise on this website the proven, trained and certified masseurs. Besides we always check the professional background and expertise. This is probably what you want. For your satisfaction, hygiene and safety.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

We can also offer you some testimonials about or massage services!

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