Good taste eroticism

Good taste eroticism

Good taste eroticism

Good taste eroticism is hard to find. Many masseurs think you got to be just nasty and frisky to be sexy. Good taste is a relevant part in all aspects of my life. You don’t have to be an aesthetic theory doctor to know so!

“You are the most elegant masseur on Earth. On top of that, you are incredibly sexy! This is the best massage I ever had!”

I just can’t help it. Good taste —without being bitchy, over the top or a Pre-Raphaelite— runs in my blood.

“Balance is a concept that many gay entrepreneurs seem to forget. Consequently they go from daring to tacky —unwillingly! You keep the cool and I think this is part of the clue”.

Gay men and good taste

Gay men are famous for being pioneers in trends, in fashion, in lifestyle. Not always though! The gay scene is packed with some dubious decoration styles. Many gay men also choose to be on the tacky side of fashion. Maybe because there’s a confusion between dressing attractively and being flashy.

When we speak about massage we can get to the same points. I have seen many masseurs hiring expensive photographers to take some very flashy photos. Also with tons of retouching, tons of decoration and this excess of saturated colours.

This can be oftentimes seen as a true reflection of their attitude.

If you prefer balance you’ll choose us for sure. We are Matt and Paco. The guys on the picture.

Good taste eroticism

Erotic bodywork goes along with these styles. Because erotic bodywork can be flashy, tacky, and sometimes it feels as fake as it looks.

Matt, Jack and Paco are on the balanced side of sensual bodywork.

But if you wish we can go really hot.

“Your job is amazing though. In many ways. Since you don’t feel fake or over-acting I have been able to enjoy it in a very natural way!”

We earn honest and absolutely spontaneous reviews like these.

Good taste massage

Book Paco, Matt or Fred since you are looking for some good taste erotic bodywork. Enjoy the best gay erotic massage in Barcelona!

It is as easy as calling us or sending an SMS: +34676648226

Don’t forget to check our massage menus and our entire website:

See you soon in Barcelona!

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