Gigolo masseur meet at some new crossroads

Gigolo masseur

Gigolo masseur meet at some new crossroads

Gigolo masseur? Why so? On a previous post I spoke about some differences between being a gigolo and being a masseur. We checked these facts:

  • An introduction to my professional profile.
  • Naked bodywork.
  • Touching dick, eroticism and sex.
  • Red lines of massage.

Gigolo masseur

You probably wish to enjoy a blend of these two jobs: gigolo and masseur? Then you might choose me for your pleasure! Though go on reading and you’ll find out the additional advantages of my service!

Time and sessions

Most of the times practicing sex has the sole goal of achieving orgasm. Does it sound shallow? To me, it does!

Though escorts do existe because many men want it really fast and short. They wish to get to the point as soon as possible. Goal is the fast sexual release, so not a lasting enjoyment.

As you can imagine by now, massage is the opposite: the sessions are extended to enjoy the company and the bodywork as long as possible. Because a massage does not have the only purpose of climax. Instead, we strive for the so called “edging” or extending the time of pleasure as long as possible. In other words, pushing the climax as far as we can —we’ll see why in a while.

Lastly, the tantric masseur knows all the skills to please his customer with his special massage grips.

While an escort might “finish” you in some 10-15 minutes, my shortest massage session takes 45 minutes.

The most demanded sessions though are the 60 and the 90 minutes naked massage.

I can also offer 75, 120 and 180 minutes sessions. During all this time I’ll be working though! Not just chatting or laying around having some pillow talk. These session times are true bodywork on you: massaging, pampering and pleasing you with my hands.

“These two hours just flew! It sounds like a long time before the start. It was as long as my flight to Barcelona. But I really enjoyed each and every second! You are in charge all the time, and it’s all very exciting!”

Customer’s expectations

When a customer hires a gigolo he is expecting a sexual service. Prostitutes offer sexual intercourse that might include oral sex and penetrations.

On the other hand, a masseur is offering a specific job that is different from genital sex. While a regular therapy masseur uses his hands, only sometimes his forearms. Those therapists call their job “legitimate massage”.

An erotic masseur like me is also using his chest, shoulder, knees, legs and feet. A professional masseur as myself never offers oral sex nor penetration, neither way not as a top or as a bottom.

In two words: choose just limiting the thing to sex or choose opening for a broader panorama to enjoy a whole male body. Literally.

Gigolos do also have limits

Each and every gigolo has his personal limits though. Yes, as weird as it sounds!

“I though gigolos do whatever you like. This guy though had a huge list of don’ts. Given all these limitations, I prefer a masseur as yourself”.

Limits can be restricting their sexual role for example: only top, only bottom. Other limits are anal sex, kissing, playing specific fetishes as “golden shower”, scat and blood.

Some gigolos are more interested in hanging out for drinks or dinner. We have seen too many movies about traveling or visiting swimming pools on luxury villas. Many gigolos know perfectly that sex is just a 10 minutes job in a 24 hours lapse of time.

Do you know this as well?

For the curious clients, some of the masseurs advertising on this website are also offering boyfriend experience. This is a very special and unique service. So not every escort has the right talent to excel in this!

Gigolo masseur Barcelona

Many of my customers say also that my job as an erotic masseur goes further that they expected. They mean that my Extremely Erotic massage session is going beyond a plain and regular erotic massage. And you have the privilege to enjoy it since you are in Barcelona now. Or soon!

For those who ask, yes, we can also serve you the best gay massage in Madrid! Check these handsome and talented masseurs!

I believe many customers need a new approach to intimacy. The line between gigolo masseur is too harsh, thus there is a deep gap in between. As a gay masseur I am unable to stop a customer from caressing me when he feels so extremely sexually aroused. I tend to encourage these men, which I see as my friends, to explore their own limits.

A blend of gigolo and masseur is oftentimes very needed. I am your professional and intimate therapist as long as you understand the chemistry is a relevant aspect.

Your choice

The choice is yours. And the decision. It is just relevant that you know the differences and what you can expect from a gigolo masseur.

If you need more specific information about my male massage service please check Relaxing massage, prostate massage or the most popular interactive tantric massage!

Or place your questions by contacting!

There are many more interesting contents as the FAQs and also these amazing gay erotic stories!

On the other hand, if you need a true gigolo, offering sex with no limits, you should check Jorge, Leo, Fer and Benito here: gay escort Barcelona.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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