Genuine massage experience

Genuine massage experience

Genuine massage experience

The Genuine massage experience.

After watching so many Netflix and HBO series you feel it’s about time to live it up. Something real, that you can experience on your skin, in your life. Something genuine that will impact your life and also what you will fondly remember in the future. Not to mention the present!

Why am I writing about this? Because it’s fun how the most recurring comment on my twitter posts is:

“It looks good!”

My —unwritten— answer is always:

“And it feels much better!”

We are getting so used to see photos and videos about massages and sensual acts that we apparently forget how the real experience “feels like”. So there’s much more to all that. The real thing is experiencing, all these sensations on your own skin.

And this this is what we’re missing when we stay home. Just masturbating to images on the screen.

Genuine massage experience

There’s a huge universe which is about our skin and out tactile experiences, which is sometimes left behind. And this is something we can easily forget while we don’t have it.

Like the smell of perfume. Over time you forget about it, but once you “bump” into it, it awakens some amazingly vivid and rich remembrances.

“Oh, wow, I almost forgot what this smell means to me!”

This can literally bring you back a whole lifetime from your past.

It’s about time to create some excellent experiences you can enjoy today and you’ll remembering the future!

After all, that’s what life is really about. Not about masturbating while seated on the sofa. That’s as close it gets to a fake life. Living is something far more meaningful.

Are you taking the first step?

Tactile experiences

We should all live up our lives with awareness, with everything involving experiences, which are all of the senses. So not just the sight, but also smell, temperature, sound, movement, and the tactile part of communication.

With all these we can build a true, real and genuine sensual experience.

You guessed it! That’s what we achieve with a tantric massage session!

Too bad the sense of touch is something we quickly forget while we are alone. So we need someone to share it with. And you want to make the best out of t!

I can tell you this because during the covid-19 lockdown my body started to forget what it means to be touched on my skin, my chest, my nipples, testicles. Once all this happens again, a sort of magic awakens and brings you back to the full-fledged life!

So I wonder:

“How could I live without this during such a long time!”

We are adult, we are grown men, whatever our age is. We are grown enough to take smart decisions about our present.

And everything we live today is something we will remember in the future. I always think that taking decisions to be happy in the present is the best investment for the present and also for the future!

Past, present and future

Our human brain is a huge mechanism able to elaborate an amazing amount of data. We distinguish among the past experiences and the plans we have for the future. But we oftentimes forget the most relevant, which is the present moment.

All these times in our minds are a very human construction. As other human concepts, they are based on arbitrary ideas though.

But yes, it’s also very wise to plan for the future. But not just that! Because the future is just an idea you’re getting ready for.

You can say that future is just a spot on a calendar in the years to come. Once you arrive there, you better have some records from the past. And the past is now. Today.

So living up today and making the best of your present is the wisest investment to have a great present in the future. You’ll have amazing remembrances. Besides, what you do today is learning for the future. You can’t forget about today!

So build yourself a nice present! You’ll have an even better future!

The past is the well where you take your learnings from. And that past is built on everything you already did.

Consequently, everything we do is extremely relevant and meaningful.

Do you think you could use some mindful massage?

Join me and the exclusive masseurs and spice up your life!

Contact me!

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