Genital play is just half way massage

Genital play

Genital play is just half way massage

Genital play starts already in our childhood. Many little boys play with their penises in a hideaway at school. It is an absolutely normal behavior because children have all kinds of phases to explore te world. Curiosity is a factor that allows learning, exploring and taking your own conclusions.

This is a relevant different between humans and apes.

Genital play

This is a basic activity in sensual communication. It can be the start of some sensual experience. Since it starts by exploring, it sets the bridges between two men who are getting to know each other.

Some men see it as a childish behavior. Though it is an extremely relevant part of psychosensual development. Little boys have a healty development also thanks to this practice.

It is also about getting to know oneself using the other boy as a mirror. Not to mention that diversity is also discovered by touching each others —different— penises.

I remember some childhood scenes in the locker room of a gym. All the boys of my classroom had to get naked in order to dress the swimming suit. The swimming teacher wnt this way:

“Don’t look at each other. You all have the same stuff!”

What a big lie! Some where bigger, some thicker, some tinier. I remember we looked in a way that nobody knew if we were looking or not. We all felt an odd combination of shyness, shame and curiosity. And guilt!

Now I bet we have all been to nude beaches, just to enjoy the difference!

Explore and discover

Some years later we students started to talk about our sizes. And about how many times a day we were jerking off. All these conversations were also a way to explore and discover sensuality.

Genital play and masturbation

When you got as far as touching each other with a class mate you just got one inch from masturbating. This is the logical consequence of sensual excitement.

Though all this was done with a certain sense of fear and prohibition. The idea of sin was always present. To me it was not because of being gay but because it was something clearly sensual.

The sin was sex, not being gay. This is different for all generations of men. Many of my customers were much more scared about homosensuality than the sins of sex.

Genital play and massage

Although massage has little to do with genital play in the sense of exploration. But we can turn it into a very special feature. Many straight men enjoy this play and need to catch up some stuff. They were not able to experience it in their younger years and need it now.

I am open to these games.

Mutual penis touching is not lingam massage at all, but it is a very nice and sexy foreplay. It will get you very excited!

Book your genital play

It is as fast and easy as contacting me. Please let me know what kind of games arouse you sensually. We can discuss it personally. Though it is always a good idea to share some introductory information over the phone.

Paco: contact.

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See you soon! We will play like you want!


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