Spending a gay weekend Barcelona with new ideas to discover!

Gay weekend in Barcelona

Spending a gay weekend Barcelona with new ideas to discover!

Spending a gay weekend in Barcelona is an interesting idea for more and more gay men around the world!

And not just only for those who life a one hour flight away! Also guys who are visiting many other cities in Europe do have Barcelona in their minds!

Why choosing Barcelona

Though Barcelona is experiencing a huge increase in visitors, they are not concentrating only in the Summer. It used to be like that some years ago, when Barcelona was the central point to visit beaches.

Now the news spread that Barcelona has much more to offer! From unique museums to  amazing restaurants. Architecture, shopping and strolling around picturesque quarters are also reasons to visit.

Of course gay life is a relevant checkpoint for the Gay Community. Because here you can feel absolutely free to walk hand in hand with your partner. And also give him a kiss publicly. Showing your emotions is not forbidden in Barcelona. People living in Barcelona think this is cool! So many guys —straight or not— will watch you discretely and with a smile. If not absolutely careless!

This is true for all areas in the city center. Though especially in Gay-Eixample, where a huge amount of gay businesses are concentrating. Such as gay restaurants, bars, shops, book stores and open air terraces.

Urban weekend in Barcelona

Gay Eixample is the quarter many gay men choose to live in. Apartments use to be big and spacious, though the rising of the loan prices has helped many owners to split them in order to increase benefits.

But Barcelona is much more than just this area!

If you have enough time, you’ll explore a variety of other places that will seduce you!

Seafront during Summer

During the summer many special events are taking place in Barcelona. Starting with Gay Pride in June, then Gay Circuit the last weeks in July.

These events concentrate a huge amount of gay men and you’ll be able to see them everywhere. Except in museums!

Though between these events, many other gay men who don’t necessarily like Circuit are also visiting Barcelona in a more open minded attitude attitude.

Of course Summer is the ideal time to spend some time on the beaches. Barceloneta, la Mar Bella, Bogatell and the one close to W hotel are very popular for guys living in the city.

Gay beaches in Barcelona
Gay beaches in Barcelona

Other very interesting options are Castelldefels, half way South to Sitges. And of course Sitges, the famous fishermen village of Modernist artists. Sitges is a really cute place where building property of more than 4 stories is prohibited by the City Council. So the 70’s construction boom was fortunately stopped.

Sitges still feels cozy and its size makes everything very familiar. You will bump into the same guys several times a day while strolling around the narrow streets.

This means Sitges is the opposite of Salou or Lloret, where low cost mass tourism killed the genuine atmosphere long time ago.

A little bit further to the North the famous Costa Brava has amazing spots! If you can take some time to travel, I’d suggest Tossa de Mar. Take the cliff road and you’ll discover amazing spots where you’ll also find nudist beaches hidden among the pines.

  • Castelldefels
  • Sitges
  • Tossa de Mar
  • Barcelona’s beaches

Gay weekend in Barcelona city

Those who don’t have the time should really stay inside the city. Barcelona is not a huge city as Paris, New York or Singapore, but the offer is almost endless. And also changing constantly!

  • Park Güell
  • Born quarter
  • Gothic quarter
  • Barceloneta
  • Eixample
  • Montjuic

I would not encourage you to visit the massive tourist spots as Sagrada Familia. Because this is not a genuine experience of the city.

Though Park Güell can give you a very special perspective of Barcelona from the top of a hill. And the Park is wonderful. Choose the early morning or late evening if you are more on the romantic side.

I am quite sure you’ll find beautiful places to stop by, have a beer and a “tapa”. Like in this “Street Food Festival” taking place at the limit between Born and Barceloneta, on the picture below:

Born quarter street food Barcelona
Born quarter street food Barcelona

Gastronomic weekends in Barcelona

Frequently some gourmet guys contact me for me to suggest top notch restaurants —oftentimes they have much more information than myself! Michelin stars are relevant to them. Of course these guys know exactly where to find the most updated information.

Though when it comes to combining top cuisine with gay lifestyle it gets a bit too specific.

Honestly, gay life in Barcelona is absolutely intertwined with all cultural areas. You can be gay, live gay and kiss your partners everywhere. Fortunately there are gay men everywhere!

For everybody else: you don’t want to have a paella at the Ramblas. If you see too many tourists, the quality might not be high enough for you.

Passeig de Gràcia

A bullet proof and quick tip is Passeig de Garcia. Everything on this boulevard is trendy, quality —though sometimes expensive. But you can’t be wrong here!

Number one Passeig de Gràcia is Apple Store, and I guess with this everything else is said. Also the most expensive hotel in Barcelona: Mandarin Oriental.

Designer clothes gather on this boulevard. You’ll find Hilfiger, Gucci, Armani, Escada, Loewe, Diesel, Chanel, Dior, Vuitton, Versace and also Bikkembergs close by.

The area closer to Plaça Catalunya is more gastro-oriented. The Baske tapas restaurants are excellent. And also a tip for its special atmosphere. Also the Catalan cuisine on Carrer de Casp is worth a long stay.

The last building at the end of this boulevard is Hotel Casa Fuster. The building is a tribute to Modernist architecture and decoration. Exclusive and with a nice terrace offering a view from the whole Passeig de Gràcia. You’ll love it!

Trendy Gay weekend in Barcelona

So fashion victims and gastro-victims will have a blast in Barcelona. The bad side to this is that many places don’t make the second season. We see amazing places opening, becoming absolutely a “must”. Then they have month-long waiting lists, to suddenly disappear.

This year has been extremely cruel to many a business.

Please have in mind all the sanitary precautions we are using for massage! It’s relevant.

Gay Tours in Barcelona

There are some ideas like gay Tour Operators in Barcelona are using as well. Take a look!

Conclusions about gay weekend in Barcelona

As we can see on this post, there are many options, according to different culture interests and preferences. Barcelona is a very rich city offering as many directions as you want. So the key is deciding what are your areas of interest!

Gay massage in Barcelona

To many tourists a nice and very sexy massage is also needed. After long walks your feet are sore.

And after seeing so many handsome men everywhere on the streets you come back to your hotel. Horny as hell! So that’s the right moment to fancy and indulge!

Gay your gay massage in Barcelona with us!

If you need something even hotter and much more daring, please check our friends gay escorts.

So stay tuned!

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