Discover Gay Tantric massage along with its amazing benefits!

Erotic gay tantric massage

Discover Gay Tantric massage along with its amazing benefits!

First off, Gay tantric massage itself is a very special experience. Gay men who are looking for this wonderful ritual of intimacy come out with a broad smile. Almost all of the times! With some long lasting satisfaction as well. And much more! They feel the happiness of making an amazing discovery!

If you also choose correctly who and when to have it, you’ll come even further.

Gay tantric massage

Not everybody knows what a tantric massage is about though. Many men heard about it and somehow most of them relate it —or even li it i— to prostate massage. That’s not wrong, but it’s just a small part of it all.

A tantric massage is a ritualised sensual massage. So there’s much more!

Just in two words, because Tantra is about the awareness: here and now. With whom. And what did I come here for, by the way. So it is awareness of everything involving sensual intimacy.

This way your enjoyment is much more intense and is therefore lasting much longer!

More on gay Tantra

We are nowadays living in a very fast pace. We usually don’t focus too much on what we are doing. A whatsApp message just came in. We answer immediately. Or maybe a twitter message. A friend posts a new picture on instagram. We can’t wait enough to like it!

Even when we are having a wonderful lunch at some special place. We sometimes first take a picture to share it on our social media platforms.

Are you acting just like this whenever you have some intimate encounter?

Our minds drift too fast to other places and situations.

It sounds like an oxymoron, but our enjoyment is divided. Deep down we don’t want this effect. We want it all to be so intense! Though all the joy we want to have is reduced to a fraction. Jut because of the lack of attention.

Awareness of here and now is so relevant that we should be selfish enough not to share it!

“During the time I spent with you it was impossible to think of anything else. You have been with me each and every second”.

Learn more here: introduction to gay Tantra.

Erotic gay tantric massage

An intimate massage is a very special one though. Let your gay masseur guide you. Take my hands and follow me into a forbidden landscape.

It might sound odd or freaky. I am not a spiritual Tantra guru at all. I am absolutely spontaneous and natural. Down to earth guy as they say.

Sexy stuff is like this! Unplanned, natural.

“You seem to know me better than myself. You found all my key spots. This is a really sexy massage!”

Tantric massage as I see it —and as I perform it— is for your sensual enjoyment.
By the way, you can choose among several exclusive masseurs. But be careful to choose the right professional! Check the stars they collect for each of the needed talents!

The tantric grips

There are hundreds if not thousands of erotic grips though. Each and every man enjoys some different stuff. Erotic spots, stroking styles, pressure from soft to hard.

There’s much much more to it though. Please check my other posts about gay tantra massage as well. And please feel free to contact me if you have any question!

The perfect tantric ambiance

The right place, the intimate lighting, the appropriate scented aromas and the soft music are also a relevant part. Tantric massage is a not too frequent experience in men’s lives. Therefore we should make the best out of it!

You’l, surely find the most elegant, safe, clean and charming ambiance by visiting our gay massage studio in Barcelona.

Book your best massage

Finally, if you are visiting Barcelona you should not miss this experience. Me or Matt are excellent gay masseurs!

Please call Paco: contact me here.

You can also check Gay Tantra Massage and see all the three masseurs offering this blissful experience.

See you in Barcelona soon!


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