Gay tantra protocol

Gay tantra protocol

Gay tantra protocol is similar to the straight tantra protocol. Obviously!

Though, why do we need to talk about this?

Gay tantra protocol

You know us gay men need to be certain the service we’re hiring is what we really want.

So gay men ask me frequently about the tantric massage protocol I’m following. They also ask if there are several protocol options. Just in case!

The most interesting part of these questions is if we can custom-taylor the massage to some specific needs.

And my answer is always a capital YES!

Since my service is about your pleasure. Because my goal is your enjoyment.

So I’ll get out of my way to satisfy your erotic fantasies.

Sometimes fantasies get really specific, so then we speak about gay fetish massage.

Lastly, I believe adapting to personal needs is much more interesting than following a rigid protocol.

Rigid tantra protocol

The tantric protocol is like a script. Some little events and grips that are performed in a sequence. This sequence is always the same.

Many tantric masseurs are following one single protocol for all their massage sessions though. Of course I did not try all these professional masseurs! I’m being told about this on a daily basis.

And please don’t even think I’m judging them! Nobody forced me to open my protocols. So they also take their legitimate professional decisions.

“This guy is always doing exactly the same steps. There is never room for a little surprise. Honestly, I’m bored”.

I belive e everybody is free to take his own decisions. So I respect all guys who follow those rigid protocols. There must be a reason for them to work this way.

Flexible protocols

My choice is a very different one though. I love surprise, I love communication, I love spontaneity!

  • Natural flow
  • Your energies are unique
  • Spontaneous reactions
  • Flexible body dialog
  • Maximum pleasure
  • Personal massage style

Because my gay tantric massage is for your pleasure! And oftentimes pleasure needs surprising!

Erotic massage for gay men is about improvising as well. Not all gay men like prostate massage, for example. While many guys love starting the massage face up. And others need to start with a nice back  and shoulders massage.

Individuality is a vert gay trademark!

So let’s enjoy it as much as we can!

Different tantra protocols

So what happens with the local customers I am serving on a weekly basis? What do they think about my gay Tantra protocol?

“We never had the same massage twice! With you it is always different! Always new, and always exploring new stimulations”.

I have a numerous amount of local customers. Some of them are visiting weekly. This is never a problem though.

Of course there are some of them who need a predictable massage protocol. While some others like to be surprised. I also follow their cue whenever I feel they want to go elsewhere during the session.

“Your quality is always very high. I mean after having more than three sessions in a row some masseurs run out of ideas. With you I am always certain you’ll come up with some new stuff!”

After knowing a customer for years the protocol gets very personalised. I get to know these guys very closely.

“You know me better than my own partner! Always amazing, you seem to predict my needs!”

Erotic gay tantra

Eroticism is something that usually corresponds to every individual features. Because each man has his preferences, and eroticism follows along. Legitimately! For example, curious men will be always trying new things. Men who feel safe in routine will always ask for the same protocol instead.

  • Curious men are usually adventurous
  • Routine oriented men feel safe with familiar stuff
  • The man in-between?

Yes, there are also men who have different moods. So sometimes adventurous, sometimes traditional.

No matter what your type is, you will enjoy exactly what you are expecting!

Please check the different massage menus and prices. I am quite sure you’ll find your ideal erotic massage here!

You can also call me directly if you wish!

Paco: contact me!

If you’d like to explore something deeper than massage I suggest you check Matt.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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