Gay tantra massage

Gay Tantra massage

Gay tantra massage

Gay tantra massage is a very special erotic bodywork. Besides, now you are in Barcelona you are just minutes away from enjoying it!

So choose a sexy, tall, strong and hairy masseur to enjoy his true masculine energy!

Or choose among many other different profiles and ages!

Gay tantra massage

Tantra massage is a very special kind of sensual bodywork. Since it is based on Tantric energies to build up a really intimate and private moment. This session will take you to a long and lasting time of joy. Because it is about building up and sharing the joy of sensual excitement. The climax you will achieve is a very special one. You can also experience two different kinds of it if you choose a longer session.

Gay tantra massage in Barcelona

There are not too many masseurs specialised in Tantra in the whole world. Maybe you are visiting Barcelona these days. Then you are very close to experience the best gay tantra massage —according to my customers. Most of them real experts who have had the chance to live this blissful experience in many cities. It is the result, as they say, of years of traveling the world.

Experienced tantra masseur

When we speak about this special massage then expertise is relevant. There are many young guys offering erotic massages. Down the line it is just some massage and then a hand-job. Tantra though is a much more complex and elaborate experience.

Choosing an expert masseur is always the safest option. Though I understand every one’s personal preferences!

“I don’t want none of those twinks that have no idea. My preference is an expert and balanced masseur!”

Enjoy massage in an elegant studio

I also serve in-call since I have a gay massage studio. And will be very happy to welcome you at my discrete and private studio in the city center. On a well known avenue, in an elegant building. My studio is always clean. I can guarantee the best hygiene and some nice decoration. You want the best service and you will also enjoy the nicest place to have your gay massage!

Call us to your hotel room

However to many men the most convenient and luxurious service is having it in your own hotel room. I am never charging no extra fees for traveling. Save your time, the taxis expenses and feel at home before, during and after your best massage with me.

  • Save taxis
  • Use your time efficiently
  • Keep calm
  • Avoid waiting rooms

There are many more benefits, though. They vary from man to man.

Benefits of out-call gay Tantra

Mobile massage is what we also call out-call. The massage is as excellent as in my studio. Though the benefits are many more. First off you will be saving your time and focusing on your enjoyment. And then some more, like the bliss of keeping your energy for yourself. Instead of hitting the streets you will be staying in your own bed after the massage. This is a privilege you will only understand at this given moment. You will be able to shower whenever you want, so not immediately after the massage.

See many more advantages of out-call massage by checking massage in your hotel.

And more detailed information about my different massage types, prices and pictures:

Or just call me! Paco.

I’ll be very happy to serve you!

If you prefer a young gay masseur you can choose her and also visit Tom, Benito and Matt’s website: 

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