Gay Tantra massage in Mexico

Gay Tantra massage in Mexico

Gay Tantra massage in Mexico

Gay Tantra massage in Mexico: it’s hard to find though. Either you get a therapy masseur or an escort. The in-between in the greyish are of erotic massage is really difficult to find!

The situation of Mexico nowadays makes it really hard to set up a legal studio. Beyond just the economical difficulties, the social prejudice against gay men is not helping a bit.

Furthermore, the concept of erotic massage is not easy to understand for most of the Mexican population. Religion and ancient Spanish prejudice are traditions hard to fight against.

Gay Tantra massage in Mexico

Also, be them gay or straight, to many men and women massage can’t be just erotic. Either you are a plain therapy masseur, or you are a call-boy.

Either black or white. The grey and blurry area where Spanish customers see me does not exist in Mexico.

“It is precisely this indescriptible dimension what makes your job so intriguing to me”.

I have many Mexican customers though! They use their visit to Barcelona to experience my special tantric massage for gay men. Most of them have a double life in Mexico. Married, children and also a male lover stashed away. Though secret lives seem to be sexy to Mexicans!

“No massage and no sex. This job you’re doing feels fascinating to me. Because you have the best of both worlds!”

Gay Tantra massage in Mexico and escorts

“In Mexico you’d be considered an escort. Because what you do gets really close to sex. They’d ask you to perform lollypop. Even more than just that!”

Mexican customers told me you can find masseurs who go a bit beyond manual therapies. There is this secret word of mouth in the gay community. If you ask the right people somebody could tell you where to go.

Many masseurs in Mexico are also allowing you some oral. Though they are straight men!

“He is married. His wife is in the next room, ironing and cooking. He is doing it for the money, since he doesn’t like men at all. You’ll see no hard-on at all. Just a soft dick”.

“You can also find straight men who like it a bit too much! They just do whatever you like! While their wives are singing in the kitchen”.

“By the way, their prices are less than one fifth of yours. But the places are obviously hideous and terrible. Sometimes even frightening!”

“And you never know if a second guy is showing up. In the middle of the massage, to assault you and take your money”.

Gay Tantra massage in Barcelona

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