Gay Tantra deception

Gay Tantra deception

Gay Tantra deception

Gay Tantra deception happens to many men visiting certain massage parlours. Anywhere around the world. And also in Barcelona!

First off, we are working really hard on all the aspects that make a part in our service. Not just the massage experience itself, also the maintenance of our gay massage studio and everything involving our health and physical stats.

What is the gay Tantra deception

As you guess, a deception is a bitter experience. Absolutely unnecessary to go through it. This happens every day in all major cities in the world though.

Because gay men are easily seduced by fake pictures.

“The guy wasn’t the masseur on the pictures. I felt obliged to stay and “suffered” a terrible massage! And he wasn’t my type either.”

While other men tell me about their deceiving Tantra experiences.

“That guy didn’t know shit about any kind of massage, let alone Tantra. He faked everything with no sense of guilt at all!”

Avoid any sort of deception

Don’t risk being tricked. As you know, many unemployed men are offering sexual services of any kind. The goal is obviously making quick money. The victims only know they have been tricked once the “session” has started. Don’t be one of them!

Tantra massage and Tantra disciplines require a long time of training though. And some natural talent. And some true experience. While those men in nee of money are not precisely interested in training!

Serving gay men does not mean knowing how to do a hand-job or giving some head either.

Because the real Tantra massage is much more!

Serving a mindful massage experience goes much further that just that.

In my opinion it is relevant you talk to your masseur on the phone. Feel his voice and also ask him details about his massage.

I know it is much easier and faster just sending a whatsApp request with a time and place though.

But money doesn’t grow on the trees. And time is not to be wasted!

Besides, what you want is some special time for intimate enjoyment.

Best Gay Tantra booking

If you are visiting Barcelona you have the chance to enjoy one of the best gay massages in the world.

I can serve you in your hotel room as an out-call massage service.

I also have a gay massage studio where I can welcome you anytime 24 hours.

Contact me and let’s go from there.

Call me to discus the details. Paco: contact me here.

Please check the rest of my website contents, also the prices!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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