Find the best Gay spa massage Barcelona

Gay spa massage Barcelona

Find the best Gay spa massage Barcelona

Gay spa massage Barcelona are located in different locations in the city center. Some of them are close to each other in the Gay Eixample.

Gay spa massage Barcelona

You probably found many gay spas and gay saunas before finding this blog.

All those places are ok and you can have lots of fun there. So I encourage you to visit them!

But if you are reading this you are probably searching for a more specific and higher quality gay massage.

Since masseurs working at those spas are not well paid. These guys are wonderful professionals —though out of these places. But given the low percentage they get from the saunas they really don’t care much about their professional performance.

Spa or massage center?

Oftentimes many clients refer to my gay massage studio as a “spa”. Though I always thought a “spa” is a place with wet areas where you can bathe both in water and in steam. Not in vain it comes from the Latin “Sanus Per Aquam“.

My massage parlour is dry though. Because I perform the erotic massages on a Japanese bed. Of course I can also offer you a big bath room where you can take a nice shower before and after your massage!

Gay massage in Barcelona

Now you are visiting Barcelona you have the chance to discover a new kind of gay massage. My personal massage has been developing through the years to adapt to the needs and preferences of gay men from around the world.

I am blending many massage styles and taking the best, the hottest and whatever pleases you most from all of these:

  • Tantric massage
  • Oriental massage
  • Thai massage
  • Lomi-lomi massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Californian massage

The grips and techniques are endless. But the most important, as this customer said, is:

“Paco, you have this special talent. You have been here with me second after second. You built a very special connection between us, and a really sexy one! No matter how many things you know, there is a bigger wisdom behind your job, and it is your genuine will to please me”.

If you need a specially excellent massage, that’s me. Try me.

I can serve you in-call at my studio in the city center. And I can also come to your hotel room for no extra traveling fees.

Gay massage and sex in Barcelona

So now you are visiting this gay-friendly Barcelona you are able to choose among a huge amount of sex guys. For a massage and also for sex.

I am just a masseur. Though my partners John, Julian, Benito and Jorge are also offering sex. They can do both, massage and sex —as a top or a bottom. Check them and think about hiring them. They are wonderful lovers!

Order your massage in Barcelona

Finally, it’s as easy as calling me and setting up a session!

Contact me!

Go on exploring my website and my blog about gay massage in Barcelona: Male Masseur!

See you soon!

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