The new benefits of Gay out-call massage

The new benefits of Gay out-call massage

“Yours is the best and most reliable gay out-call massage service in Barcelona. I am really happy I hired you! Both Paco and Matt are amazing masseurs. And also very discreet”.

That’s exactly our goal since 2011! Our professional massage is not only erotic but also balanced and responsible. Because we are aware that intimate services also need to deal with the highest quality!

Gay out-call massage

Now it’s so easy to enjoy! Always with the maximum convenience for you! You can also welcome us right in your hotel room! Yes, in your hotel room! This is why we call it gay out-call massage.

There are even more additional benefits though. Beyond saving time and taxis!

I can’t stress enough the fact that saving the time of driving around the city is something you value when you are inside the traffic jam and feel unable to get out.

We are just one phone-call or one SMS text message away from you.

Paco: contact me!

You can also choose among expert masseurs and young gay masseurs. Because your preferences rule!

Gay out-call massage in Barcelona

Out-call massage service is a really cool personal service. It is an option for you to have in mind whenever you are in the need of a perfect massage. And whenever you think it’s easier to order massage service right to your room. So the men who enjoy it get easily addict to it!

Barcelona is a medium size city. This city has about 2 million inhabitants and the surface is quite small if you compare it to other cities. So the relevant points are not too far away from each other. This means you can have a masseur in your room much faster than in bigger cities as Manhattan, London, Paris or Singapore. Not to mention Los Angeles! So traveling times are shorter here, and waiting times as well!

Gay massage in Barcelona

This gay out-call massage service is not just for gay men though. It is perfect for straight men and bisensual men alike. We just call it “gay massage” because it is a male on male massage. As in m4m massage.

So our massage is not involving any sensual preferences as roles —top, bottom or versatile.

Gay massage is a private and really intimate service. Because it involves your sensual and sensual energies. You might be choosing this gay massage service because you fancy some sexy release.

Erotic gay massage will take you really close to climax. And you can choose either ejaculating or not. We respect your preferences!

These are some of the gay massages we can offer you:

Naked Massage

Prostate Massage

You will be able to choose among different session times, from 45 to 120 minutes. Check an overview of our gay massages.

Erotic massage and sex

Erotic massage is different from a full all-the-way sex service. Since Paco is no escort he won’t perform the full sensual act.

Jorge though is open to cross these limits to sex. If this is your request he needs to know in advance. Additional fares are applying.

In-call gay massage

Since we own a gay massage studio we can also welcome you at our place. This is another proof we are a professional massage team!

Please call Paco, he will be happy to answer whatever questions and doubts you might have!

You are welcomed to check the full website for more detailed information! Check these surprising FAQS and also these awesome testimonials!

And call or send an SMS to make your best appointment!

Paco: contact me!

Other masseurs are: Jorge, Benito, Julian and John.

See you soon in Barcelona!

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