Gay men shower

Gay men shower

Gay men shower

Gay men shower together as an expression of a very sexy sort of intimacy. Gay men already get excited when using the locker rooms at the gym.

So how can we take this to the level of erotic massage?

Gay men shower

Gay men and showering go along really well. In fact the shower is the scenario for many a gay erotic fantasy. You’ll also find many porn movies featuring scenes in the shower or the bathroom.

“I get excited just of thinking of a shower!”

“Men having a shower is the ultimate turn on to me!”

How many gay porn movies have you seen taking place in a gym shower?

Now it’s about time you have the perfect massage experience with a shower included! So dare to make it come true!

Gay men shower massage

Usually I perform the erotic massage on top of my Japanese bed or on your hotel bed. I always protect your sheets using some one-use paper sheets I bring along when serving out-call gay massage to hotels.

Before releasing and with you being extremely excited and sensually aroused I will then take you into the shower.

That’s when the vertical massage starts! We are both standing under the hot water and I will soap you all up.

Can you imagine the silky texture of the soap on your skin? Foam, hot water, the sound of water, our bodies touching…

“This has been so hot! I also enjoyed cumming under the hot water!”

Climaxing under the water is absolutely different though! Have you ever tried it?

Most of the times the client’s climax is the result of this unique combination: excitement, and the different situation. Sometimes not even masturbation is needed. Have you heard about spontaneous release?

Out-call shower massage

There is no extra fees as taxis or transportation costs to visit you in your hotel room. Because usually the best hotels have nice showers and spacious bath rooms.

My out-call massage service is very convenient!

That’s when you feel at home in Barcelona —or Sitges— and there is no rush to finish at a specific time! You are free to enjoy a longer time with me under the shower.

After our sexy massage you can wear your robe. And stay “home”. The time is yours, no more streets and no more taxis for tonight.

Come to my studio

“Well, my wife is in the hotel. I told her this business dinner is extending… so I will come to your studio”.

Perfect! Come and visit me at my gay massage studio. We will be absolutely alone. I will set up a very nice ambiance for our shower together!

Gay men shower in Barcelona

As you can see, I can adapt to whatever is your most convenient option. Your decision is about convenience since the prices are the same for in-call and outcall!

Check the naked massage options which include the erotic shower before you call to book our session!

Order your erotic shower

Call me or send me an SMS request. As easy as this!

Paco: contact me!

Finally, you can also choose among other exclusive masseurs! Check them out!

See you soon under the hot water!

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