Gay massage studio Barcelona

Gay massage studio Barcelona

Gay massage studio Barcelona

Our new gay massage studio Barcelona is right in the city center. So in walking distance of Plaça Universitat, Plaça Catalunya and the upscale designer brands boulevard: Passeig de Gràcia.

Since you prefer in-call gay massage we can absolutely host you. Because with us you’ll enjoy the hottest and the most intimate erotic massage for gay men!

Gay massage studio Barcelona

Barcelona does not have too many massage studios for gay men though. So oftentimes a relevant amount of gay men don’t have a better option than visiting saunas and dark rooms.

Though you know you’ll never find a service on those places you could compare with ours

Our erotic massage is professional, clean, safe and always discrete. Because we are a very reliable team of male masseurs. We focus on our professional approach to gay massage.

Who are we?

First of all, we are professional masseurs. We have academic training in different massage styles. Our main focus though is erotic massage!

And a professional team needs a professional gay massage studio! So we have it for many different reasons!

Though let’s introduce ourselves!

  • Sexy masseurs
  • Young gay masseurs
  • Expert masseurs
  • Daddy masseur
  • Butch masseur Jack


So Matt is this young, handsome and expert masseur. You can also check his personal website:


Fred is our youngest masseur. He is just 25 years of age though very expert! Trust him to try his special and somewhat amateurish massage. Fresh, different though always hot!


Paco (the one writing this post) is the owner of the studio. I am an expert masseur. Many men tag me as a sexy daddy masseur. So I’m tall, strong, hairy and attractive. I master all sorts of erotic experiences!


Tom is frequently traveling between Madrid and Barcelona. Please check with us to know where he is at the time you wish to plan your massage.

Tom could be a porn movie model, exactly like Matt and Fred. He is the ultimate wet dream come true!


Leo is this extremely sexy and frisky guy! He is capable of the most spiritual Tantric experiences and also of the wildest experiences!

We have some amazingly sexy pictures of all of us on

Gay massage studio Barcelona

We are exactly in the city center. How many guys can say this?

Please contact us to schedule the best timing for you! Feel free to choose the masseur you prefer!

What are we offering?

We strive to offer the best massage experience. Not only in Barcelona though! Many of our customers say things like these:

“Your massage is the best in all Europe!”

“I didn’t have such an excellent massage for 5 years. And the last time was also with you! Believe me I did travel the world in this time though!”

So now let’s write a checklist with what we can offer you effortlessly:

  • Quality massage
  • Reliable
  • Punctual
  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Professional
  • Polite
  • Educated
  • Free drink (water and sodas)
  • Treat: special liquor drinks or cocktail for the longest massage sessions (90 and 120 minutes)

We want to see you back sometime! So we will get out of our way to deliver an amazing experience!

Erotic gay massage center Barcelona

Since we now introduced ourselves and how we like to work, it’s your turn to take your decision!

Visit the safest and one of the few licensed Gay massage studio Barcelona!

Please feel free to call us whenever you have any sort of question!

Paco: +34676648226

Remember to check our naked massage prices.

We usually work 24 hours massage. Though of course we need a previous reservation if you are planning a massage after 11 PM.

You won’t believe us though if we tell you how busy we get about 8 PM. So please be safe and plan ahead!

See you soon!

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