Relaxing massage Sitges

Gay massage Sitges is the service for gentlemen who know what they want. Namely the highest massage quality and the most handsome masseurs performing it for you.

As you know, Sitges is one of the most popular gay destinations on the Mediterranean coast!

The short distance between Barcelona Airport and Sitges makes it really interesting for more and more gay men to visit this beautiful fishermen village.

Sitges is packed with many interesting gay spots: bars, restaurants, shops and a bunch of nudist beaches. Also some very interesting upscale golf fields. Not to mention amazing hotels!

Our masseurs in Sitges

Enjoy a male relaxing massage with Paco


Benito is this sexy Brazilian. He is a muscle trainer himself. Beyond that, his skills are jaw-dropping. Benito needs a reservation 3 hours ahead of time. His minimum menu in Sitges is the 150 € Erotic Tantric massage.

Paco Sitges gay massage

Gay massage Sitges wears his name since 2011. Paco is this German daddy, tall, hairy, strong and extremely expert in Tantric massages. Usually Paco needs a reservation 2 hours ahead of time. His minimum menu in Sitges is the 120 € Relaxing massage.

Jorge Sitges gay massage

Jorge is one of the most popular and requested masseurs! Handsome, sexy and very well endowed! This sexy fitness trainer needs your reservation 3 hours ahead of time. His minimum menu in Sitges is the 250 € massage including oral.

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Male masseur in Sitges

Since Sitges is a famous gay travel destination is focusing more and more on the premium market niche. So the best quality services are the higher valued by the high income segment of the worldwide gay community.

We are one of the few excellent and professional masseurs in Sitges. While some guys are here only during the Summer season. Consequently they don’t care too much about giving the best quality service because they will be gone soon!

Our team instead is serving Sitges and Barcelona during the whole year. So we feel extremely responsible about our service and the reviews we are earning.

We are the safest and the most reliable option. Because our goal is always your highest satisfaction!

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Erotic gay massage in Sitges

So if you want to play safe in all aspects, our erotic massage is the best option.

Outcall gay massage

We don’t own a massage studio in Sitges. This is why we can offer you the most convenient option: visiting you right in your hotel or private apartment!

We are absolutely discreet at all times!

All the masseurs in our team are available to travel to your hotel room or private apartment.

What we can offer you are a wide range of erotic massages of many sorts and also therapy massages. Please contact us to request the specific massage style. We will then suggest the most appropriate professional.

Please check all the massage options available!

You can choose among four masseurs in Sitges:

  • Paco
  • Leo
  • Jorge
  • Benito
  • Victor

Your preferences rule!

Easy and quick: setting up a gay massage in Sitges!

It is really easy to set up a session with any of us!

Please contact Paco on the phone!

It is always safer to request our service with a couple hours in advance. Even better for the next day! Especially if you choose a very specific masseur. The reason is as simple as we might be serving a previous appointment.

How to proceed

Of course we always respect your choice about the masseur. We send exactly the therapist you request!

Then please check the naked massage menus and choose one of them.

It is necessary to use a non blocked phone number. The reason is as simple as the fact we need to contact you regarding the service!

If you prefer using your credit card to pay our service please let us know at the time you make your reservation. Credit Card needs an additional 10% that the bank is charging on us. Also the fact we need to carry the terminal.

If for some reason (as a previous booking) your masseur should not be available, please listen to Paco’s suggestions. He knows his team very well. Because sometimes a picture is not able to express the talents of a given masseur. Paco’s recommendations always hit the target!

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