Gay massage Paris

Gay massage in Paris is a very frequently requested service!

Though Paris is a city with an extremely large list of competitors! However the Tantric massage the way we perform it is absolutely different in many aspects.

In paris most of the gay masseurs are also escorts. So the service is a quite mediocre one. The way we do it is always with the maximum of mindfulness, sweetness and engagement.

Gay tantra Paris prices

Don’t forget to check all the different options we can offer you!

Erotic Prostate massage

Interactive Tantric massage

Please contact Paco to ask whatever you need to know!

Please have in mind to plan ahead of time. This is the safest way to ensure our masseurs’ availability!

See you soon in Paris!

Enjoy the best gay massage in Paris!

Our masseurs in Paris


Valentino is frequently in Paris. Though he also travels to New York, but he is based ninth French Capital city. If he happens to be available for you, you can say this is your lucky day!

Valentino is serving hotels and private apartments in the central Paris area.

Please contact us to find out his availability!

Massage for Gay men in paris

Gay massage in Paris is one of the most requested service, both by local clients and for visitors.

The amount of sensual services in Paris is jaw-dropping. And this is precisely the reason to make a careful choice. Since erotic services are so under-valued and therefore performed in a very automatic way.

To us, erotic massage is a refining way to enjoy intimacy. Lately more and more gay gentlemen do see erotic massage as a much reliable way to enjoy some genuine man to man connection.

This doesn’t mean by any means that we are not flexible! You can talk to us and request special erotic features.

We hope to deserve your trust. If you still have question, please contact!

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Gay massage Paris

Many of our clients have met our masseurs in Barcelona, Sitges, Madrid, Ibiza or Manhattan. So they frequently ask us if we know any wonderful and reliable masseurs in Paris and other cities!

Send us an SMS and ask me about availability and massage prices.

We hope to serve you in Paris as well!

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