Gay massage in Manhattan

It is also possible now to set up a gay massage in Manhattan!

You can now enjoy the best gay massage in Manhattan since I also have very close friends advertising in the Big Apple.

Please go on reading to find all the relevant information!

The exclusive masseurs in Manhattan

You can finally choose between Ruben and Valentino! See their pictures, because both of them are amazingly talented masseurs!

Please note that our massage services in Manhattan must be pre-booked. This means last minute is sometimes difficult. Also because we are having many requests. Paco is managing the requests from Barcelona, so please have in mind we have a 6 hours time shift.

Ruben can host in is apartment in Chelsea. He is also always ready for an out-call service!

Contact now!

More to come soon 😉

Setting up a gay massage in Manhattan with Paco

Even though you have amazing options as Ruben and Valentino, some guys prefer me, Paco. Because you met me before or for any other reason.

It is really easy to set up a meeting with me. Please contact me on the phone —no blocked numbers or skype calls though! You can also e-mail me to request or suggest the perfect day for your schedule.

Please have in mind I need to have a certain amount of confirmed bookings so the trip makes sense.

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In-call gay massage in Manhattan

Ruben and Valentino can welcome you in a very nice apartment in Chelsea. Absolutely well equipped to pamper you into an extraordinary massage experience!

About Paco, when visiting New York I am usually staying at a hotel very conveniently located in Midtown, on 44th street between 5th and 6th Avenue.

This is a discrete and elegant Hotel with a nice library and a bar where we can first meet to have a chat and talk about the details of the massage you wish to enjoy.

In my room we’ll have everything we need for the session: massage oils and creams, the right music to match the massage session and of course a nice shower you are welcomed to use before and after the massage.

Out-call gay massage in Manhattan

If you prefer Ruben, Valentino or me visiting you at your place we can also fulfill your travel request. Inside Manhattan we only charge one way of the cab expenses. We will provide you the official bill.

We will be carrying along everything we need to perform the massage session at your apartment or hotel room. As massage oils and creams, hygienic towels and one-use sheets to protect your massage surface —be it a bed or a massage table.

Convenient gay massage in Manhattan

Either way —in-call or out-call— are supposed to be the most convenient way for you to enjoy your Gay massage in Manhattan.

My goal is always your satisfaction and your comfort. Also when it comes to serve you at a specific location or in a specific way.

Fetish gay massage in Manhattan

Please check my blog and my posts about fetish massage. If you feel you need to ask me about a specific fetish please don’t doubt: just write an e-mail or call me.

Valentino and Ruben also offer very special fetish experiences!

Euro vs. Dollar rates

All my prices are shown in Euros for the European countries on this website. As for Manhattan, lately the exchange rates have been up and down like a roller-coaster, which forces us to adapt as the rates are changing. Please ask for the updated rate at a given time.

I always stick to what we deal, no matter what happens in currency exchange between setting the appointment and the final moment of meeting up.

Valentino and Ruben are charging 250 U$ for the 60 minutes extremely hot sessions.

Gay massage in Manhattan: what makes the difference

What I call massage is erotic massage. A pleasing, sensual and intimate bodywork. The goal is your enjoyment. Yes, we do work for your private and most blissful enjoyment!

Massage also means the session has a timing. It might be a 30, 60, a 90 or a 120 minutes bodywork session. You are deciding the length of the session.

The goal is not your immediate release but a really extended time of enjoyment. Our massage will stimulate in many different ways all of your body parts.

The result is an extremely intense stimulation and excitement, an amazing and therefore more abundant release. And a longer satisfaction —meaning days long.

On top of that that you won’t have the feeling of guilt. Because, in my opinion, having a massage is not cheating on your partner.

If you prefer feeling guilty because you see it as a forbidden game you are allowed to though 😉 —before, during and after the massage! It’s your choice!

Different words for different jobs

When I say massage I mean massage. Men performing other acts like oral, rimming and penetration on a professional basis are not masseurs but escorts. Not just in my opinion —to all of us I guess.

Please don’t expect me (Paco) to switch my job to escort. I only offer the job I’m confortable with and that pleases my clients!

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