The new gay massage in Ibiza

The new gay massage in Ibiza

Gay massage in Ibiza is just the bodywork missing in your holidays.

Don’t get just half the service though. Enjoy the ideal outcall massage service right to your apartment or to your hotel room in Ibiza. Want more benefits?

It’s relevant to state that there are no permanent masseurs in Ibiza.

Sometimes some friends contact me to let me know they are spending some time on the island.

So at the pit you’re contacting me, there could be someone available —or not.

Gay Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most famous Balearic Islands. Ibiza is known for its amazing beaches, the crystal clear water and the wonderful weather during the Summer.

But Ibiza is also famous for its gay bars, nudist beaches and the easy going social life. All men in Ibiza are open to speak to anyone on the beach. Even or on the streets while having a drink!

Beach bars are the most frequented bars on this island. Sexually explicit communication is absolutely normal —and almost the etiquette for this Balearic Island. Especially if you are visiting Es Cavallet or Es Viver nudist beach.

You need to know though that you can’t compare Ibiza to Mykonos. Ibiza’s visitors are mostly straight. Watch closely! You’ll also see legions of young ladies trying to catch the millionaire to get married to.

Gay massage in Ibiza

During the hours you spend on the beach you will get more and more horny. Not just warm from the sun, but your blood will get to the boiling point. Perfect bodies, nice smiles. And also escorts though. You might not be the gentlemen hiring escorts though. For no particular reason. It’s just a limit you put yourself. And because you are a self confident guy who knows you can seduce whatever man you please.

An erotic massage is something different though. Escorts don’t know a word about massage. And guess what. The boy you like so much is not willing to give you a massage!

This is when our massage services come in very handy!

Meet Fred, the sexy boy on the picture!

Tantra in Ibiza

It is as easy as contacting me!

Go on exploring or website for more information about gay erotic massage in Ibiza.

See you soon in Ibiza!

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