Gay massage in Barcelona

Gay massage in Barcelona

Gay massage in Barcelona

Finding the best gay massage in Barcelona is as easy as clicking here!

We can offer you in-call massage in our gay massage studio and also out-call massage to your hotel room.

Welcome in Barcelona

Since I am not an agency you will be able to contact me directly. I am a free-lance masseur offering gay erotic massage. I have some fellow masseurs who can also serve you though. Just give me a call and let me know your preferences. Because if I know your match he will serve you for sure.

You can choose among different body types, ages and expertise levels.

Matt, Jack, Tyson, Leo, Angelo and myself, Paco.

Gay massage

We say “gay massage” while what we mean is a man on man erotic experience. My gay massage is a sensual and intimate experience on the base of massage. It is obviously a massage for your pleasure!

Spoiling gay massage

Because I use only the most sensual, sweet and pleasing grips from Tantra massage and Thai massage. The session is dynamic. So you will enjoy it as much that the 60 minutes will blow away like the blinking of an eye. Fortunately you also have 90 minutes and 120 minutes massage sessions.

You sure deserve to be spoiled! Some customers tell me in an apologetic tone:

“This is so one-sided, but let me just enjoy your touch”.

Well this is how a massage is meant to be. I’ll be working for your pleasure, to spoil you with sweet and sexy grips.

For the most demanding men though I have something new. The naked gay massage! This is the most exciting erotic experience ever! You’ll be allowed to touch me as well. All over my body.

Erotic massage in Barcelona

Spoiling and beyond spoiling. My massage will arouse you sensually, because I will excite your sensual energies. You will be edging. I will also control your release, having you on the edge as long as you can take it.

Bodywork for release

If you really wish to, you are also allowed to ejaculate during your gay massage in Barcelona. You will see in awe how abundant your semen is! And also how far you can shoot. Because after my excellent massage you’ll achieve a very intense, lasting and satisfying climax. You’ll be tempted to compare it to usual sensual intercourse though.

Give it a try soon!

Many of my customers already had it in other cities around the world. All of them tell me:

“You have a very special talent. Very sexy, amazing and unique!”

Oftentimes men who are new to gay massage in Barcelona come with some great curiosity and expectations. None of them leaves deceived or frustrated. Because the massage experience I can offer is a very intense one. Let me stress that mine is a service with strong foundations on quality.

Since I am very intuitive you’ll see how I guess what you like during the massage.

As soon as you test me you will know you just had your best gay massage experience!

Call me: Paco.

See you soon in Barcelona!

Please feel free to check Matt also!

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