Gay massage gay Tantra

gay massage gay tantra

Gay massage gay Tantra

Gay massage gay Tantra: for a start, are these different concepts for different kinds of massage?

I checked my website today and I found out that there is a huge difference in the search requests. Because each of both is bringing a different amount of internet traffic to this website.

It is obvious that many more guys are searching the concept of “gay massage“, as a sort of opposite to “gay Tantra“.

Do they look for the same service though? Are they aware of the differences between massage and Tantra?

Gay massage gay Tantra

We all know that different words stand for different concepts. Or different things. Even if we can use alternate choices as synonyms, sometimes they have nuances.

Though the difference between a regular gay massage and a Tantric massage is a huge one.

In fact, both adjetive are complementary —in my professional case, so not always!

Gay massage versus gay Tantra

Gay massage is a very generic concept. This group of massage can include almost every massage style in the world. As long as it is performed by a man for a male receiver, so for the gay community.

Though in my opinion, the “gay” factor is just an attitude. Because if we don’t call it “gay”, it is still the same job.

What is “Tantra”?

On the other hand, we use the word Tantra to describe a very specific massage style.

You can find much more information about what is erotic Tantra massage on this blog. Also the special atmosphere of Tantra magic and how to learn Tantra massage.

The specials of gay Tantra

There are many goals and many benefits of Tantric massage. They are countless if you listen to each and every man’s testimonials after a session like this.

  • Awareness
  • Longer sensual pleasure
  • Ejaculation control
  • Prostate stimulation
  • Intimate connection
  • Un-blocking fears
  • Tenderness
  • Mindfulness

These are just some of them. I am sure you’ll want to dig deeper into this by reading the healing Tantra massage and my special dirty Tantra massage.

Some men believe you need to have a gay massage studio decorated in Oriental style. Yes, this helps a lot to build the perfect atmosphere.

You are always welcomed to visit me (Paco) and any of the exclusive masseurs in Barcelona but also in many other cities!

While other customers prefer us to visit at their hotel rooms. This is what we call outcall gay massage. It can also be Tantric though! Just let us know so we use the right protocol.


So the difference between both requests, “gay massage” and “gay tantra“, is a matter of specific massage styles. Gay Tantra is also a gay massage, but it uses specific techniques, and the goals are also specific.

Many guys say that “gay massage” equals to “erotic massage”. Though I disagree. If we can be specific and use the right vocabulary, why shouldn’t we? We should request exactly what we are thinking of.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate and contact me.

I will be very happy to serve you!

Paco: contact me!

If you prefer a gay escort instead, feel free to visit this link!

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