Useful tricks for Gay massage for beginners

Gay massage for beginners

Useful tricks for Gay massage for beginners

Gay massage for beginners has a specific massage menu or massage protocol. The “Prostate Massage” is the erotic Tantra therapy especially created for those who want to make it step by step.

“So this was your basic massage. I don’t want to imagine how your hottest one must be!”

The idea is not overwhelming you with too many inputs. This is a receiving massage, so you have no responsibility. You just lay down and let me work.

What else can you expect?

Gay massage for beginners

This gay man saw himself as a “beginner” though! Because he was ordering his first time erotic massage ever.

In my eyes it is different though. It does not make you a beginner because most probably you will have had some experience in sensuality and intimacy.

“I am very satisfied! Because I found in this experience everything you promised: massage, sensuality, man on man intimacy and sweetness. And release. And peace —on a nice and elegant way.”

Why “for beginners”?

Some men are very careful. Legitimately! Background issues, prudence, some kind of fear. Not only bisensual men or straight men who feel the curiosity of being touched my a man —these are most frequently exploring the naked massage.

“I wanted something sweet. While I know it can get erotic, but I wanted to explore this first. Like before the meal I fancy some starters. I want to feel confident about my decision. Now I am ready for the next step”.

This is why I developed a specifically softer massage. Specifically for those who don’t want to go all the way. Not everybody wants a too hot body to body massage the first time!

You can also call it foreplay massage!

Because Prostate Massage is a respectful massage, in which you don’t need to touch me. It is a receptor massage, so absolutely focused on you. You can also call it a gay massage for beginners in Tantra.

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How’s this gay massage for beginners

So there is no interaction or mutual touching. I am wearing some nice underwear. You have the choice of being naked or not.

Since the goal is relaxation, peace, sweetness and calm. You can see it as the opposite to something extremely hot and sensual.

This gay massage for beginners is a soft one. It is different from deep tissue massage because the goal is not a physical therapy but achieving the disconnection of your mind. Tantra techniques are helping me a lot to achieve this very special state of mind for you.

Any questions?

Please feel free to call me if you think a conversation with me can help you taking a decision.

Paco: contact me!

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