Gay massage directory

Gay Massage directory

Gay massage directory

Gay massage directory comes very handy when you wish to choose among many options.

So not just any random guy! We offer a selection of the best professional masseurs. And also the sexiest!

Because to us customer satisfaction really matters!

Gay massage in Spain

We are offering gay massage in Barcelona, gay massage in Madrid, gay massage in Ibiza and also gay massage in Valencia.

We know each other personally! Because we value fellowship! And we share the highest standards of gay quality massage!

The most reliable gay team

Lately many of our customers are stressing the fact we are all masseurs easy to be with. This creates confidence, which it is crucial! Besides it is beneficial for a much higher enjoyment!

I am Paco, the leader of this team. As you can read in this blog about gay massage I started alone in 2003. Along all these years many other gay masseurs have been joining me.

So I pick my team members with some very strict criteria. I like to work with sexy guys because this is what my customers are looking for. Though as a masseur I value some very relevant facts as well:

  • Talent for erotic massage
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Consistency

All these are relevant facts for any service or industry you could see me in!

There are some more facts you can check on testimonials though!

Word of mouth

Are you new in Barcelona? First time massage with us?

It’s always good having a reference in the city though. Sometimes new customers say they call us following word of mouth. Somebody else had a wonderful experience with us, so they recommend us to their best friends.

And that’s a nice start to getting to know the best guys in town!

Exclusive gay massage directory

The word “exclusive” means it is a selection. Because you don’t want a list including just any random masseurs. So a selection is a criteria of useful assets.

  • Nice looking, sexy guys
  • Different ages
  • Professional masseurs
  • Different massage styles
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Honest
  • Safe

All these may sound too obvious, though not everybody in town meets all of these conditions. We choose very carefully who we are working with!

  • Selected and picked among dozens

Gay massage directory benefits

As you know, directories are very convenient! Because you can choose among many different options. Different body styles, different ages. Also different specials.

One of the most relevant benefits is —whatever your choice is—, being safe!

Contact Paco: +34676648226

Another special benefit of choosing among these guys is I know them all personally. We are performing 4-hands massages to individual customers and also to gay couples.

  • Personal guarantee
  • Talent for erotic bodywork
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • On time
  • Clean and safe
  • Genuine pictures
  • Perfect massage service

This is why I can tell you these guys deserve your trusting. And they will also earn it!

Contact: +34676648226

Gay massage directory Barcelona

Barcelona doesn’t have as many young gay masseurs as other cities in Europe though. Since our industry here is smaller.

So one of the consequences is there are some masseurs who are spending short periods of time in Barcelona. After making some money they leave to the next city.

While some directories make it really easy to update the location, oftentimes some others are outdated.

All the guys I can suggest you here in Barcelona are really here. Their pictures are genuine and I know them personally.

Dealing with you was easy and quick! And the masseur I chose was knocking my door on time!”

We can also serve you in our own gay massage studio. We think about your convenience. Because we always try to get out of our way to serve you! Exactly the way you wish!

Contact Paco: +34676648226

Gay massage directory

The core of our team are Matt, Leo, Angelo, Tyson and Paco —myself. Sometimes we have the privilege of working with Fred and Demetrios. We will offer two more masseurs in the near future.

Black masseur

Tyson is an extremely sexy and expert masseur. He can serve you at your hotel or in our studio.

Contact: +34676648226

Super endowed masseur

Matt has an amazing sexual organ. Sexy and beautiful! His dick is earning admiration from so many guys! The porn industry is also after him. Though there’s much more to him! Matt is a very expert tantric masseur. He is also offering sexual services.

Alpha male Matt

Alpha male Matt

Contact: +34676648226

Mixed masseur

Angelo is this tall and lean Venezuelan. His cinnamon skin is smooth and warm, absolutely magnetic! Angelo is a very expert masseur! Trust his big and warm hands. He he’s some stuff that’s also very big!

New gay masseur Angelo

New gay masseur Angelo

Contact: +34676648226

Mister Barcelona masseur

Leo has been elected “Mister Barcelona” for his elegant and smooth flawless body. He is very expert in sensual communication and erotic massage! Leo is super optimistic and cheerful. You’ll have a big laugh with him! He is also very frisky!

Alpha male Leo

Alpha male Leo

Contact: +34676648226

Expert butch masseur

Jack is this amazing muscular and huge guy. He is the most expert masseur you can find in many departments. From role-play to leather games. Also all sorts of fetish massages. Jack is extremely well endowed and has the biggest natural testicles on Earth.

Alpha male Jack

Alpha male Jack

Contact: +34676648226

Expert daddy masseur

Paco is the sexiest daddy masseur in Barcelona. Many of his customers state he could be the best tantric masseur in the world. Paco is strong, tall, hairy and is this sexy daddy!

Foreskin Friday

Foreskin Friday

Contact: +34676648226

Arabic muscle masseur

Izan is a very talented masseur. He recently joined our team. His bodywork awakes admiration from all the guys he’s serving!

Izan Gay massage Barcelona

Izan Gay massage Barcelona

Contact: +34676648226

Reliable gay massage directory

Our specials are erotic massage for gay men, so m4m massage. We can offer different therapies as relaxing massages, prostate massage and also naked massage.

You can also choose the level of interaction with the masseur. Lately we added one new massage menu, the Fusion Tantra including some very requested specials.

Please feel free to contact us or check the FAQs if you have any questions!

Call us and ask us what sort of massage you wish to enjoy! Also the age and the physical status of your ideal masseur! We will be very happy to serve you!

Paco: +34676648226

If you wish to have clearly sexual services we suggest Matt. We can also suggest other options among our very team. Of course depending on availability!

Just call us and ask for what you want.

See you soon in Barcelona!

My experience with other Gay massage directories

There are many directories out there. Each one has a different approach to massage —sometimes they mean escorting. The only common features I found among them is biased information though.

One of them is censoring the vocabulary. So you can’t believe what the website and the guys are really offering. Since advertisers can’t use their own words freely! Because words like “sweet” or “spicy” are forbidden. So not to mention “erotic” or “sensual”! As an advertiser, they first charge you, then they ban you. No refund, of course. As a consequence they have less and less advertisers. So less and less users.

I also found one of them restraining the masseur’s prices! Honestly, I can’t see the point in this. Since advertisers are paying, they should be free to choose their minimum and maximum fees. Isn’t this a free market? Some guys need to be cheap to be able to sell a gig. While some others are requested beyond availability.

So the effects of these limitations are distorting the real purpose of the directory. Your search results will be obviously biased. So are your perceptions about those professionals.

Secrets about directories

These directories charge the advertisers with a monthly fee. And they are really pricey. So if you end up requesting their services those boys will come up with some unexpected extra costs. That’s the way the get back those high advertising costs!

Another weird effect of these gay massage directory is the “authentication”. I met some guys in Barcelona who told me —proudly— they are using fake or old pictures. Authentication is merely about using a real credit card, no matter whom. Then the directory tells you they “need to check your ID”. While some guys are using just one card to pay for different advertisers. So where’s the real authentication?

I also had a very bad experience in the past. One of these directories offered a 6 months deal. Of course, for a very attractive price! The second month wasn’t hardly over when the directory’s website suddenly disappeared. No e-mail, no explanation at all. Hard fact: offline.

Hundreds of profiles to choose from

There are some directories with hundreds if not thousands of profiles. A guy recently called and requested this:

Where can I see more than 100 masseurs in Barcelona?”

I told him we are a team of the best and the most reliable ones. I kindly offered quality versus quantity.

Yes, but do you only offer 6 guys?”

He didn’t want to talk on the phone. It became obvious he didn’t have the intention of booking a massage. Rather jerking off to photos. I believe that’s not the goal of a professional gay massage directory.

One of the most relevant benefits of our team is this:

Choosing among too many guys is much harder than having less but very safe options. Let’s call it “be realistic”.

Final note

As a final note to our gay massage directory, just one statement:

I didn’t choose honesty among other options. Because honesty is my nature, so the only way I like to do stuff. It’s just the way I am!”

I’m honest about the service I’m offering, about the prices, about the appointment time. Also about who’s working with me. I only work with a limited bunch of excellent masseurs. Instead of having a dozen of unreliable ones, for example.

Because I like to go to bed every night to fall asleep with no worries!

And I want you too! I mean I want you to go to bed satisfied. With a smile on your face. Happy with your life and also after enjoying our services!


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