Gay massage afterglow

Gay massage afterglow

Gay massage afterglow

Gay massage afterglow is that feeling many customers of mine reported in awe.

What is afterglow?

As you know, we refer to afterglow as the heat effect after burning coal or wood. So the glowing after the flames are extinguished.

We use the word afterglow also as a metaphor for feelings. Or to describe other physical effects, as a poetic resource.

What is the massage afterglow?

During a massage your senses are more awake than usual. So your neurological system is working full steam. It can get to overwhelming if there’s no professional control. When your physical stimulation is well done your may seem to switch off your brain.

It is fantastic effect of massage! Just letting go, disconnecting your mind!

Erotic massage though has an even more intense effect. Since I will be stimulating also your sensual energies. So the levels of excitement can go really high.

After releasing there is also an afterglow effect. It feels like a very deep sensual satisfaction.

Interesting testimonials

“I felt an afterglow of your massage during a couple days!”

“Satisfaction is not the right expression. Believe me I felt both satisfied and also very horny for days! I guess I enjoyed a very long afterglow after our session”.

“I didn’t know a massage could have this effect! Just amazing! I felt like floating on a cloud”.

Afterglow is a side-effect I usually don’t mention though. Since not all of my customers feel it. Maybe because most of them need to go back to their stressful schedules. So there is no time for keeping and savouring the sexy sweetness. As the aftertaste of a good wine or spirit.

Gay massage afterglow

Gay men are experts in enjoying pleasures. To us gay men life is not only about work. We know how to make space for delight.

This is an excellent way to find balance. Because job, partner, family and spare time do need to nurture us. Each of these feed us in a different way, yet all of them are necessary.

So gay men are also experts in reviewing pleasure experiences.

“If there’s no afterglow, there’s no pleasure. And man you can handle some pleasure!”

Gay massage, gay tantric massage or gay erotic massage, whatever you call it. These are experiences that the gay community knows well!

Before the afterglow

Before we speak about gay massage afterglow you need to really have the bodywork! So choose among all these options. I am quite sure you will find the one that fits perfectly into your expectations!

Naked massage is the most popular one. Im’m telling you here because this a a question many guys ask me:

“Which is the most popular choice?”

They are all different though. I’m naming them here in crescendo order. So the second is included in the third, and so on.

Here you can find some testimonials about my massages. And also some erotic stories describing true sessions!

Making your booking is as easy as calling me!

Finally, please feel free to check the young exclusive masseurs. Additionally, if you are more on the explicit side, hire a gay escort!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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