The new Gay Libido massage

Gay libido massage

The new Gay Libido massage

The gay Libido massage is, once we understand it, a very sexy concept. We first need to define “libido” though.

Furthermore, is there also something as specific as a “gay libido“?

What is the libido exactly?

“Libido” is the Latin word for “desire” and “lust”. Since Sigmund Freud started to use this word in the 1920’s it became a more and more popular concept. Nowadays it is a word we use quite commonly.

So the meaning is literally “sensual drive“, “sensual appetite”. In psychoanalysis the definition of Libido is “the energy of the sensual drive as a component of the life instinct”.

Related to this I also spoke about sensual energies in a previous post.

Gay men and the Libido

Gay men are known for their natural way to express sensual desire and sensual needs in a very natural way. As for me, I am also very open to talk about this intimate side of my personal life.

Straight men instead feel shy to speak about their emotional dimension. They usually focus on “how many” ladies they are dating. “Competition” is a more likely term to describe conversations in straight men gatherings.

So libido and its emotional and intimate dimension is a common conversation in gay gatherings.

We like to speak about our sex adventures!”

As one of my closest friends states. And the more profound meanings are oftentimes very present. Consequently, it’s not all about “how much” and “how many”. Because the “who” and the “how” do also matter quite a lot!

The individual gay Libido

I’m always horny. Is this normal?”

If there is one thing I am observing every day since I’m working as a masseur it’s this:

There is no “normal guy” and no average. We are all unique!

Every man has his own bio-rhythms, so his own scale of what’s horny and what’s frigid.

I guess the symptom of something not working well is discomfort. We start bothering when we feel uneasy.

Lately I feel less and less sensual drive”.

Or, on the other hand:

I can’t stop having sex. I need many different men —constantly. I admit I feel a worried about this”.

Both men in the examples are aware that something’s wrong. Though just because they’re wondering. I’d like to stress the fact that many other men feel absolutely right in either sex drive levels.

Gay Libido massage

There are many ways to find the right balance for sex drive. Each man has his preferences. Though also personal situations can push you to one or other ways:

  • Finding the right partner with the same —or similar— sex drive
  • Accepting oneself —so a matter of mindfulness
  • Practicing Yoga
  • Frequenting a therapist or coach
  • Hiring tantric masseurs

Of course erotic tantric masseurs are my favourite option! Why? very easy! Since erotic massage has so many benefits. The most relevant is you’ll be enjoying the therapy time!

While you are doing something good for your sensual balance, you’re also enjoying it. It is similar to eating while being on a diet! Of course you’ll be guided.

Gay Libido massage in Barcelona

Many men visiting Barcelona are looking for erotic massage. More and more stressed gentlemen hire my services. Both gay and straight though. Because they see it as a release for tensions. And oftentimes they value more the sensual aspects than the bodywork itself. But it’s okay!

My team and I can serve you as outcall massage and also at our gay massage studio in Barcelona. The prices are exactly the same!

I suggest the most popular massage, the interactive tantric massage! Though you’ll find some more!

If you wish to enjoy some true mindful massage session, I’m your man as well!

It’ as easy as calling me!

Contact me!

Go on exploring very interesting contents like the Faqs and the testimonials.

By thew way, do you have an answer about why these erotic stories are so successful?

If you prefer exclusive gay masseurs check this link as well.

See you soon!

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