Gay hotel massage

Gay hotel massage

Gay hotel massage

Gay hotel massage means the masseur is visiting you in your hotel room. In other words, it is the so-called out-call massage service.

Hotel Cram in Barcelona is an excellent choice. We mention this fact because other famous gay hotels are over-rated in many aspects. Though Hotel Cram is not tagged as specifically gay, it is one of the best option for gay men visiting Barcelona.

And more and more gay men are staying at this trendy and stylish venue. Exactly in the heart of gay-Eixample! Best price and best value! Let me stress this fact because there are many reasons for me to say so.

before we go on talking about gay hotels in Barcelona, check also the exclusive gay masseurs! You won’t find them anywhere else!

Over-rated Gay hotels in Barcelona

When places get a bit “too gay” they start lacking of glamour. Being “too gay” and too obvious also means lacking of that sexy atmosphere. This is my personal opinion though.

Because being famous doesn’t mean you are offering quality.

You might be thinking about famous gay hotels in Barcelona.

I think that being gay is not a guaranty for anything —anymore. And this works for all sorts of businesses, as you know.

As it happens frequently, businesses that work are suffering under some increasing lack of attention by the management. Until they don’t work anymore. And that’s a trend and a fact.

This is what my customers tell me over the last two years when mentioning some famous gay hotels:

“Very poor bathroom amenities. An even worse breakfast. Cheap and tasteless. That acid bottled orange-juice. Low cost croissants with the taste of old paper. Coffee ideal for a walking-dead”.

“I couldn’t sleep. There was a new born baby in the next room. Crying the whole night. I mean I am also hetero-friendly. But not to this point of sacrificing my sleep quality”.

Gay men are smart

In the last months we have seen how the prices of those gay hotels shrunk and sank. Almost to ridiculous. It’s not just the covid-19 effects.

While the gay target is one of the smartest —by now. But Gay men know what they want. And gay men are powerful influencers. You can’t stop word of mouth once the gay community learns where not to go. And the balance of price and value is the key. Rich people are rich because they are smart. And less rich guys are also incredibly smart and know where to spend their hard earned money!

As an anecdote, Luca has been working in famous gay hotels, as the only gay professional. All other hunks were straight and not interested in any sort of sensuality —yes, we are talking about gay hotels! On a more bitter tone, Luca says the masseurs got only 10% from what the clients were paying. Time was also very limited. On top of that, no midnight massage if that was your only available time for enjoyment!

Hotel Cram in Barcelona

Please understand this like an example. Very close to some gay hotels, Hotel Cram proves excellence in many aspects gay men do care about.

As we mentioned before, Hotel Cram is located in the heart of gay Eixample in Barcelona. The perfect location for gay nightlife and gay restaurants.

But Hotel Cram has many other excellent assets:

  • Decoration style
  • Price/Value
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Efficient staff
  • Amazing views on the rooftop
  • Classy and elegant rooftop
  • Wonderful breakfast
  • Sleep quality
  • Discretion
  • Elegant guests
  • One of the best Restaurants in town: Angle.

That’s the new place to be. And the place to be seen! Discrete, elegant and state of the art.

Gay hotel massage

As another example, Hotel Gran Via allows the visit of a gay male masseur. I am always very discreet and never talk to the reception staff it not needed though. Because what you order and who is visiting you is nobody’s business.

You are free to order our gay outcall massage service anytime.

Please feel free to contact me and discuss the details.

Booking me is a one-step process. This means quick, easy and reliable. Just contact me!

What about a gay massage studio?

If you prefer visiting any of our gay masseurs at our gay massage studio, you can do so as well! We will be very happy to welcome you at our place. Discrete, lush and state of the art.

Your studio is incredibly better than all other places I have visited around the world! My compliments to your good taste!

Booking your gay hotel massage

If you need to know the details of our gay massage service please go on reading. Please check the following massage menus or call me to talk personally. I am also able to recommend the best therapist to make your dreams come true.

See you soon in your hotel room!

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