Gay hotel massage Barcelona

Gay hotel massage Barcelona

Discover the convenient gay hotel massage Barcelona. My outcall massage service saves you time and money. I am Paco and I will personally travel to you and knock at your door in no time. Just when you need me to be there. Anytime 24 hours. From Monday to Sunday.

Matt is also available. He can go even further, so please check his personal website 

Who is serving Gay hotel massage Barcelona

Please let me briefly introduce myself. I am Paco, a mix of german and catalan genetics. As a result I am tall and strong, take care of my hairy body and groomed beard. So my job as an erotic masseur is my true calling. I started working as an erotic Tantra masseur in 2002.

Many men tag me as a bear masseur or a daddy masseur. It’s okay with me though!

If your preferences are young gay masseurs I can also help you. So check Demetrios and Matt!


Gay hotel massage Barcelona

So now you know what kind of massage service I am performing. I’d like to stress that I can certainly serve you at any hotel in Barcelona.

If you prefer visiting my personal massage studio please say so. I have a very calm and discrete private apartment. Just for professional massage use though!

Gay massage Barcelona is about serving erotic massage for gay men of all kinds. I am also serving bisexual men and straight men.

Because it is not about tags but about what a man wants to have. Before, during and after the massage you are the same guy. So massage will not change you feel comfortable with. Even if it is this sexy m4m massage!

Besides, my services are totally discrete. And I am always allowed to use the elevators and knock at your door. Hence whatever you do inside your hotel room is solely of your concern. My personal service is certainly allowed at all hotels.

In Barcelona there is no controversy among hotels. Nobody is fighting for the “gay-friendly” tag anymore. Because Barcelona is an open minded city that welcomes everybody. So tags are outdated here!

Gay men are also becoming free of prejudice and prefer regular “non-tagged” hotels. Not any kind though! So not gay hotels anymore! Gay men prefer the appropriate balance of excellent service, quality and price.

You’ll be better off anywhere else than on those specifically “gay-hotels”.

Because Barcelona is an extremely gay city and gay action is all about. Gay hotels feel stall though. You know what I mean!

So don’t just use the word “gay hotel” to choose your hotel. Consequently, choose quality! You’ll also have many more options to choose from.

Discrete gay hotel massage

Being an intimate service means this is no one’s business. So only you and me know about this. Or the masseur you choose. Since I dress in a smart casual style I never get stopped. My looks are not the common Spanish one’s. This means hotel staff take me for a guest. So they never ask me where I’m going.

I have a high level of English and can hold a nice conversation with you. I am the one writing this blog and my website.

My customer’s privacy and public profile do matter to me. I take this very seriously and never expose my customers —nor anybody else— to uncomfortable situations. Please consider this before hiring an escort.

Sexy gay hotel massage

My erotic massages are a blend or a cross-over between a sexual service and massage. My massage is too sexy to call it “just a legitimate massage” and too safe to call it sex.

This in-between bodywork is a sexy therapy that takes just the best of massage and the best of sex. I prefer not calling it a sexual service, but to many men it really is.

Some guys tell me this though:

“I’m not paying for sex“.

As if this was sort of humiliating. Though it’s not! I know what matters me, and my job is a service. You hire a specific service with a goal.

Need to find out more about my sexy massage? And about gay hotel massage Barcelona?

You are welcomed to check out the rest of my website:

Please call me and ask me, or send me an e-mail.

Paco: +34 676 648 226

I will be very happy to answer! And also very honored to serve you!

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