Let’s have some “Gay fun”!

Gay fun

Let’s have some “Gay fun”!

“Gay fun” is a concept that means something slightly different for everybody. Sometimes even “very different”!

The reason I’m talking about this today is this uncommon request from a customer.

First off, I think it is obvious that my gay massage is always including some “gay fun”. There is much more though!

Talking to a masseur

I get weird requests, sometimes funny, sometimes fun, sometimes absurd. Some other times you can’t see a point. This guy asked me this, out of the blue:

“Let’s have some gay fun!”

Gay fun

I think it’s relevant here to continue exploring the concept of “gay fun” though. Because this could mean a bunch of interesting things.

  • Ordering a beer on a terrace (outdoors bar in Barcelona)
  • Having a laugh
  • Playing cards
  • Ordering a pizza to go with “Modern Family”
  • Playing volley-ball
  • Working out at a gym to watch the guys
  • Paying a visit to a glory-hole
  • Visiting cruising areas

You name it!

Gay games

I also thought about the Gay Games, or the Gay Olympics. Of course I am a strong guy. By not good enough in any sports for competition. Except for water spots —pun intended.

My job is gay massage though. This is what I’m told to do best. Because this is my passion and the job I feel super comfortable with!

Here you can check some testimonials.

Massage with some gay fun

Back to this guy’s request. Of course he knows I’m offering erotic massage. Because he found my phone number on this website. So I asked a little bit more about what he wanted.

“You know, touching each other and all that stuff”.

Did he mean a massage?I got the feeling he was avoiding the word “massage”.

Otherwise, why could he be contacting a professional masseur? I mean, a masseur with a website like this. With massage menus, a price list along with service descriptions. Including some really hot gay fun!

I admit this “gay fun” did not sound close to the kind of mindful massage I’m usually requested.

Never mind! Because I can adapt to many different requests!

“I’d like to enjoy some erotic shower!”

“Do you do water sports?”

“Can we discuss role-play?”

I’m really okay with all these. And some more! Just check my gay fetish massage!

Gay lifestyle

My straight friends mention more often than myself the word “gay lifestyle“. I’m still not too certain about wat they mean with it though.

Is it about watching “Eurovision Song Contest”? Or wearing some specific designer brands? Maybe it’s about frequenting the gay restaurants. Or traveling on gay cruises.

Gay men have many things in common. But I guess we don’t want to be seen like a swarm, where all of us are like soldiers in uniforms.

Rather the opposite! Because gay men bet on individuality and uniqueness. Since each one of us wants to pop out.

Gay massage in Barcelona

So back to where we started: “gay fun”.

The conclusion is some guys don’t like to use the word “erotic massage“. Not even plain “massage” at all!

So they say “gay fun”!

So this is everything I can offer you: the hottest gay fun in Barcelona!

If you wish to call me, please do it! I will be very happy to answer. And I will be even happier if there is a chance to serve you!

Paco: +34676648226

You can also check Matt for some explicit sexual gay fun: www.gay-massage.sexy

See you soon in Barcelona! To have fun together!

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