Discover the secrets of Gay friendly Barcelona

Discover the secrets of Gay friendly Barcelona

Gay friendly Barcelona is a concept that is always true. Because Barcelona is very friendly with all sorts of communities. And it has been for a very long time!

From friendly hotels, bars and clubs to the beaches in Barcelona. Yes, you’ll be able to stroll also through gay and lesbian spots of all kinds!

Speaking of hotels, all hotels in Barcelona are gay friendly, for the record. So you can finally avoid that famous one —I won’t mention— due to its unfortunate balance of excessive prices for that low quality service. Because, as many clients already experienced, just waving the tag of “gay” and “gay friendly” is not enough guaranty for quality!

Before getting into the subject, let me please remind you all the precautions we take to avoid covid-19 for your and our own safety.

Gay-Eixample: the gay friendly Barcelona

I bet 100% of all the gay tourists visiting Barcelona have heard about Las Ramblas. And also about the Gay Eixample. It is a quarter —or rather a part of it— filled with gay shops of all kinds.

This used to be a very upstate area of the city. Noble buildings with huge apartments, tall ceilings, fresh rooms in the summer and resident cooks, maids and cleaning staff. Rich families used to live here.

History wanted it to change radically during the last decades. Rich families have moved towards Sant Gervasi, Pedralbes and even places outside the city. So now the huge apartments have been split into studios. While the ancient groceries have become hair stylists, tooltail bars, saunas and sometimes video shops with glory-holes.

The remaining elegant part of all of this are the nice restaurants and the art galleries.

Gay friendly to visitors

This is the reason why Barcelona is proud to be a city interesting. Equally for tourists of all cities and countries of the world.

Barcelonians are proud of the Ramblas, Sagrada Familia and Passeig de Gràcia. And of course our Gothic Quarter streets, our Mediterranean lifestyle and our groovy nightlife.

During the day, the beach in Barcelona is a cheerful place to go. There are also some cursing areas when it starts to get dark.

We are also very proud to be living in such a gay friendly city!

You can hug and kiss your lover on the streets, while sitting on a terrace having a drink. Wherever you are!

We are very used to this and people will never make no drama or scandal.

Gayfriendly Barcelona
Gayfriendly Barcelona

Gay friendly cruise ships

Year after year Barcelona is welcoming more and more cruisers. Ships are also bigger and bigger, and Barcelona is one of the spots in the Mediterranean where nobody stays aboard.

Because nobody wants to miss this awesome city!

How short is the time you have available to visit Barcelona? Maybe you’ll hardly have enough time to walk the Ramblas and reach Plaça Catalunya.

This time is enough to see many gay men strolling around, single or partnered. Handsome and sexy men are everywhere in Barcelona.

Make yourself at home and feel like this city is your new home. Here you can be who you are, express yourself and show off your partner.

Do some hanky-panky or kiss him on the streets. Because Barcelona is the city where you can be as you are. Happy, joyful and gay!

If the sort of cruising you like

Gay massage

Just call me if you need my services. So feel free to ask whatever you need to know!

Any hotel Barcelona might be the ideal place to enjoy our hot therapy! You can also visit me at my massage studio, just around the corner!

Finally, and for gentlemen who prefer even more intimate services, please check the gay escorts available in Barcelona.

See you soon in this amazing city!

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