A few secrets about Gay feet massage

Gay feet massage

A few secrets about Gay feet massage

Gay feet massage is sometimes included in fetish massage categories.

What is gay feet massage?

It is obviously a massage for gay men. In other words a m4m massage, so the bodywork performed by a man. This is my case. Because I am a male masseur serving mostly men. My name is Paco.

Traditional feet massage

Besides, feet massage can be two different things. First and most common it could be a massage done on your feet. Feet massage is a delicacy, a pleasure for its own. So feet massage has many advantages and can be also a therapy for your health.

Feet reflexology studies the effects on certain spots on your feet triggering or stimulating reflex areas on the rest of your whole body. Just one example: the big toe is the reflex area for your head. Working in a specific way on your big toe can release you from headaches.

Gay feet massage is much more though.

Massage using my feet

And the second meaning is the use of the masseur’s feet to massage you. Instead of using my hands and forearms I can also use my feet to massage almost all of your body parts.

It might sound odd to some men, but to others it is a really sexy and exciting massage style.

Feet to feet massage

So for men who have a fetish involving feet this special massage is something else. You won’t find many masseurs mastering these traditional Thai massage techniques though. These are called Nuad Thai.

Gay feet massage in Barcelona

If you feel curious about it, just try it with me. Though if you already know this is your massage passion, it is a part of my sexiest naked massage.

This means I will work on your feet, feet to feet. I will then work on your calves and legs, on your inner side of the legs. So getting close to your intimate area.

Gay feet massage also includes massaging your buttocks and your kidneys area. It is an amazing and new feeling!

Testicle massage using my feet

Gay feet massage gets really exciting at this point. I will also massage your testicles using my feet. Just wait to feel it to understand the boost in sensual chemistry.

Penis massage using my feet

I am also able to massage your penis using my feet. This is a spectacular moment my customers want to watch. It is an amazing experience, very hot to many men, and for fetishists it is the very moment of climaxing. I try to control this moment stretching it as much as I can though.

Want to know more about gay feet massage? Just call me or send me a message. I will be very happy to help you and serve you.

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Paco: contact me!

For some guys the feet play is not enough. Some gentlemen prefer having full sex. In those cases I suggest you check gay escorts.

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