Gay escort Sitges and break free from all the massage limits

Gay escort Sitges

Gay escort Sitges and break free from all the massage limits

Gay escort Sitges is a service that goes beyond erotic massage. As everybody knows, we use different words for different ideas.

Logically the next question is: what is the difference between an escort and a masseur?

First off, there are also differences between therapy masseurs and erotic masseurs. Believe it or not, their limits are different. Both on the personal and the professional levels.

Masseurs and escorts

As you already know first hand, everybody chooses his own limits when it comes to job. Equally as not all doctors want to surgeons, not all designers want to be illustrators. So not all masseurs take the step further into the most intimate practices.

That’s why a therapy masseur will slap you if you touch his intimate parts. While most gay men think a sensual approach from another men can never disturb anyone —it might! As another example, there are gay men who don’t cheat on their partners. This is just an example, because, as gay men, each one has his own rules and beliefs.

So not all masseurs are erotic masseurs. I think it’s easy to understand after this previous thoughts.

Personal limits and honesty

The only reason why I’m writing about this is honesty.

Many gentlemen call me from Sitges requesting massage services. Namely what we call Sitges gay massage. Though they have the intention of having a “full service”, no matter if discussed or not.

“Just be here as quick s you can. I’m horny!”

One of my strongest principles is honesty. You can’t assume the person serving you shares all of your thoughts or intentions. It’s also wrong to assume you will convince anybody to do whatever you please. This is why I always stress the fact we need to take a minute to discuss your expectations.

After all, you are the one paying for it. And most of men like to know what they are getting for their money.

Gay massage in Sitges

I am serving gay massages in Sitges since 2011. Namely erotic and tantric massages. So I have seen quite variety of personal preferences!

Since sometimes guys prefer specific physical stats other than mine, and some masseurs are contacting me to partner up, I started offering some space for advertisers. These guys are also amazing, and I know them all personally. I did a “filtering job” so you can trust them all the way. They are these exclusive masseurs! Most of them can travel to Sitges.

There are differences among masseurs too. So now imagine the differences between an erotic masseur and an escort. As you know, escorts “do almost anything”. Though “not everything”. Because “barebacking” is a red line not all want to cross. So there is also this huge difference among escorts. Some do it, some don’t.

Gay escort Sitges

Lastly, the core of this post is introducing you to some guys who are offering the true escort services in Sitges. Anyway, I always suggest you contact me to discuss all the aspects that are relevant to you. This way I’ll be able to suggest the right guy for you.

Recently a client was obsessed with one masseur. According to his wish-list, I could sense he had taken the wrong decision, and I shyly told him so. His huge checklist of attributes did not match the masseur he was obsessed about. Therefore I suggested a different guy to serve him, though he went “no way” at the start.

Fortunately, he changed his mind in time. After the session he was really thankful about my suggestion.

Finally, if you prefer a truly wonderful erotic massage, then check the options I can offer you personally. As Relaxing massage or the really passionate naked interactive massage.

I can tell you my clients love it! Here you can check some testimonials.

See you soon in Sitges!

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