Gay escort Barcelona

Gay escort Barcelona

Gay escort Barcelona

Searching for the best gay escort Barcelona? Check the sexiest and the safest options with us!

Basically we are a team of erotic masseurs. But some of us are also offering some more specifically sexual services.

Who of us? Please go on reading!

We are absolutely professional, extremely reliable and safe. Why?

  • We are honest
  • Healthy and clean in all aspects
  • We are professional —as the opposite to amateurs
  • Experienced
  • Passionate about our job!
  • Always discrete!

Our service is legal and lawful. So we also pay taxes!

What is the Gay escort Barcelona offering?

Erotic massage and the service of an escort are different, as you already know. An escort performs full sex.

Matt and Leo are erotic masseurs, so they also perform erotic massage. So this performance is also included in the full sex service if you wish.

Full sex includes:

  • Erotic massage —on demand
  • Oral sex
  • Penetration
  • All gay sexual roles: gay top, gay bottom and gay versatile
  • Other sexual fetishes

Recently we are asked to offer the boyfriend experience as well. So Matt, Leo and Jack are open to spend much more than just a one night stand with you!

Gay escort Barcelona: Matt

Matt is our star escort. Because he is the perfect young man. Tall, muscular and defined. On top of his astonishing facial beauty he also has an amazing beer-can dick. He is much more than just XXL!

Matt is very intuitive. He can feel how you want him to be: dominant, caring, sweet or hardcore sex.

Customers willing to also have interesting conversation feel at home with Matt. He speaks English quite well. Matt speaks Italian perfectly.

Gay escort Barcelona: Leo

Leo is this young and smooth guy. His muscular body is absolutely amazing as you can see on the picture.

The words “Leo” and “sex” go along together more than just well. Leo loves to have sex!

So he masters all sexual roles: he is a perfect top. Though if you want him to be an obedient bottom, he also will delight you to climax.

Leo speaks some English. Though he’s best in Spanish.

Gay escort Barcelona: Demetrios

If you like young twinks, Demetrios is your guy! He is already 21 though looks younger. Smooth, with an amazingly long penis, he masters sex as a top only.

Demetrios is quite frisky and has more than just one card up his sleeve. Trust him though! You’ll spend some really hot time together with him!

Demetrios speaks English as a native American.

Jack, beyond escorting

Jack has a huge experience in many very special aspects of erotic services. I encourage you to learn more about him as a terribly sweet butch masseur! Does it sound contradictory? Not when we talk about Jack!

Prices for male escorts

Matt, Leo, Jack and Demetrios share the same fees for their services. Please understand though that they are not bargaining them.

Please contact us to ask for the prices.

You can also choose among all these options:

  • One hour
  • Two hours
  • Three hours
  • One night (12 hours)
  • One day (24 hours)
  • Weekend (48 hours)
  • Long weekend (96 hours)
  • Full Week

They can also travel together with you. Though please call to discuss the prices and the details.

Book your gay escort now

Just call Paco and let him know exactly what kind of service you wish to enjoy: +34676648226

Matt, Fred and Demetrios are usually available from Monday to Sunday and 24 hours.

Though to be safe please make your reservation ahead of time. We sometimes have previous bookings for full days and long weekends.

This is our full website:

Please feel free to check also Matt’s professional website here:

If you need even more choices please check

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