New Gay Eixample Barcelona secrets!

Gay Eixample Barcelona

New Gay Eixample Barcelona secrets!

The Gay Eixample Barcelona is the famous gay quarter in the Catalan capital. Here you’ll find everything all gay, from restaurants to shopping. From bars to book stores.

Before starting to explore Barcelona let’s see the rest of Spain though!

What are the most relevant gay areas in Spain?

Undoubtedly Gay Eixample, Madrid’s Chueca quarter and Sitges! Relevant in size, quality and worldwide fame though. Well, also Maspalomas and Es Cavallet if you count Canary and Balearic Islands.

  • Gay Eixample Barcelona
  • Chueca Madrid
  • Sitges
  • Maspalomas
  • Es Cavallet in Ibiza
  • Torremolinos

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So now let’s get back and focus on Barcelona for the time being!

What is Barcelona’s “Eixample”?

The name “Eixample” comes from the last years of the XIX century. Ildefons Cerdà was the architect and urbanist who created the grid structure of this area. It was logically built outside the ancient city limits of Barcelona. You can still see those limits if you give some attention to the ancient walls.

“Eixample” means literally “broadening” in Catalan language. This was the goal of building this bigger residential area for the city. Because Barcelona was growing at a fast pace as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution.

During the 80’s in the XX century this traditional quarter underwent an amazing change. The rich class who was living in these bourgeois style and extremely big apartments started transforming Eixample into a state of the art way of life.

Richer families found even higher class locations in Pedralbes, far from the city center and the noise.

Francos’ 40 years of dictatorship had been a very dark period for Catalan middle-class. So Eixample also suffered from the lack of renovation. Moving out was easier than up-dating the buildings and apartments.

Some families grew. And some of them split the large into separate apartments.

During those times of course there was absolutely no gay life at all. Franco’s dictatorship absolutely ignored Human Rights. Persecuting and jailing gay men and women was the rule. Any affectionate demonstration was tagged as “public scandal”, so violently punished. There were also “razzias” in cruising venues such as certain movie theatres.

Life was not easy at all for homosensual men! You guess they were all married and lived those secret lives.

Gay Eixample Barcelona

During the last 1970’s the renting prices were still quite available. So young people started to move in. So students brought in a fresh lifestyle.

Little by little many gay men of all ages started to open their own businesses in this cheerful area. Honestly, Barcelona was very envious of San Francisco, which by those times was a model of gay city to copy from.

Sitges always had the fame of being a gay village. Maybe because of a few of its arty and sometimes eccentric inhabitants. Being the hometown of many artists had this magnetic effect on gay men.

Though Sitges was too small. So gay people found in Barcelona the right size for leading a free life.

This is also the reason why many men fled from other Spanish small towns. Barcelona was the perfect place to live up a free life as a gay man.

Barcelona Olympic city

Shortly after Barcelona was facing the challenge of celebrating the 1992 Olympic Games. By then this Mediterranean city soon became a new and interesting destination for international tourism. Not to mention gay tourism— from around the world.

Gay life started booming in all Europe by that time, while the gay community was gaining visibility. So also power and social influence.

This is a fascinating story to me Though please excuse me for writing so compressed in these few words. Of course there’s much more to tell!

During the 80s and 90s many GLBT organisations fought for our rights. I was a part of them!

Gay Eixample Barcelona services

In the Gay Eixample Barcelona you will be able to find almost every kind of business run by gay people. And conceived for us gay men.

You’ll find many gay places in the heart of this area. So you’ll be able to find really interesting restaurants, clubs, gyms, hairdressers and even travel agents.

Gay Eixample Barcelona massage

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See you in Gay Eixample Barcelona!

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