Gay Easter in the new situation

Gay Easter

Gay Easter in the new situation

Gay Easter or Easter Holidays are another significant chance for gay men to travel. For many people Easter is the first opportunity in the year to enjoy the mild to warm temperatures in Spain. Because spring just came in a few days ago!

So everything is cheering up! And Spain has a lot to offer during these sacred Holidays!

I am quite sure you heard about the solemn parades in Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada. Also in the small villages of Aragón.

Sitges, the most relevant gay destination near Barcelona, also has some very interesting traditions. It is really worth checking the programs.

Before we start getting into more details about Eater Holidays, pease check how we prevent the covid-19!

Gay Easter traditions in Spain

As you know, Spain’s religious traditions are mostly Catholic. Since Spain is a country formed by different nations, there are a bunch of different traditions as well. Consequently Easter Holidays are different experiences if you spend them in Galicia or in Andalucía!

First off, be picky and check what the traditions are like in your destination area. Or choose the destination according to what you wish to see and live up.

Are you interested in drumming parades? Small villages in Aragón are silent. Despite the crowd. Then, at dawn, the drums break the tense silence and you literally have a stroke. The drumming goes on for the whole night and day.

Do you prefer the overwhelming crying Jesus Christ faces in Andalucía? Everybody dressing in black, holding extremely big candles. The streets at night are crowded yet silent. Only lit with candles. In some places these traditions are absolutely unique. There’s literally no place in this blog to the describe them all.

Easter Holidays

Spain is famous not only because of “siesta”. Also because shops and businesses tend to close during certain hours —and days!

So it is relevant you make sure the locations you intend to visit are going to be open! It’s wise to double check opening days and times for everything you wish to visit or do.

Otherwise you might find yourself standing in front of closed doors.

These are very short Holidays, so everybody makes sure to use them wisely. Many Spaniards use these days to travel as well. So you can expect many services opening after Easter Monday.

Easter in Spain

Catholic religion —not only in Spain though— is about sacrifice and pain. You can only access to a better life in Paradise after suffering through this life. As Catholic church says. Though, as you bet, I don’t subscribe this point of view.

Life is short and we should use it wisely. And sacrifice is not always about suffering. Instead I believe we need to earn what we want or how we want to live. To me happiness is even more relevant than earning this —allegedly— better life after death.

Suffering and sacrifice only brings more pain and more sadness. And that’s a poor way to help others. Not to mention oneself.

If Jesus Christ once existed, I prefer to believe he wanted us to be happy. “Love each other as yourself” has a really deep meaning. And to me it doesn’t sound as painful!

So let’s cheer up!

Easter pleasures

Nice meals, interesting walks, churches, museums, expositions, new scents and warmer weather than home. Sometimes the sea is warm enough to have a bath. Yes, this early in the year! Especially gay men visiting Sitges are proud to have their first swim in the year.

What else do you deserve to enjoy?

Since you know I’m a masseur, you bet what I’m going to suggest you next!

Gay Easter massage

New generations of Spaniards —and logically all international men— don’t understand the idea that Easter means celibacy. So every day is the best day to enjoy a good meal and also the best massage!

We work hard for our money. And we don’t always have and feel what we need to buy and experience. Sometimes we think too much on saving for the future.

But future is today! I bet you have been planning so many things for the next years, and you never treat yourself to have it. Maybe you planned a massage in the past, and you still didn’t have it.

Check how I see gay tantric massage and erotic bodywork. See if it matches your ideas about sensual pleasure!

Then call me! And ask everything you need to know!

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Hopefully we can meet soon!

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