Gay Circuit Barcelona

Gay Circuit Barcelona

Gay Circuit Barcelona is a yearly event, as everybody knows. And it is becoming more and more popular every year! Because gay men have have an excellent experience in Barcelona! So it is working as a word of mouth with an amazing effect.

Since it is attracting more and more new gay men to join the party!

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Gay Circuit Barcelona Festival

Barcelona is hosting this big festival since 2008.

Gay Circuit Barcelona is the biggest gay Festival in Europe these days. Because it is huge in the range of promoters, sponsors, associate enterprises and also in participants.

This year Barcelona will be receiving more than 95.000 sexy gay men from the whole world!

Gay Circuit starts by August 8th and is planned to finish August 18th. So these 11 days are going to be an amazing party! In fact, almost 20 parties are planned!

Sitges and Vilassar de Mar are the cities organising the biggest events and parties besides Barcelona.

So it is relevant to know which transportation is more convenient and faster to get to all the different locations. Yeah, not to miss a single nice event!

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What is the Circuit about?

The festival is about leisure, parties, socialising and shopping. Of course the main focus of all the gay men and women is socialising. Along with all the trendiest stuff gay lifestyle is about!

There are many editions of the Circuit around the world. Many of the attendees travel to collect all the parties around the world!

Making new friends and circulating among thousands of sexy candidates is also a goal for many a man! Somewhere and somehow you will find the next boyfriend. This is also a big motivation to be here!

Many sexy men staring at you might be also looking for their next boyfriend!

Shopping in Gay Circuit Barcelona

Barcelona has a big variety of shopping spots for gay men. Most of the shops are concentrated in the Eixample area, also called “Gay Eixample“. Fashion, souvenirs, gadgets and sex shops are just the tip of the iceberg.

Gay entrepreneurs are also running services as travel agencies, hairdressers and restaurants. They understand very well the needs and the lifestyle stye of the gay community. So these services are able to focus on offering really gay custom-tailored and unique options. Because the goal is to satisfy as many gay men as possible!

Gay Circuit and sex

Sex parties are also happening in many places. This is one of the main interests of the gay men participating in this festival in Barcelona.

Not everyone is so lucky to meet a partner for the dreamed long term relationship though. So while waiting for him to show up, why not having some fun?

You will also find some private parties, outside the circuit organisation.

Gay erotic massage

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