What you should know about Gay apps

What you should know about Gay apps

Gay apps are an incredible help to socialize and to find new partners for sex. They have been around for some 15 years plus by now.

Not just they have become somewhat necessary in our lives. We have been able to learn a lot of stuff about them. And about ourselves!

Needless to say that, as many things in life, gay apps are a knife with two blades.

Be careful to use them properly. Because all those gay apps are a risk if you are in a long term relationship with somebody jealous or possessive!

Benefits of gay apps

Benefits are as obvious as what you already know.

  • Easy contacting
  • No strings
  • No luggage
  • Choose the man
  • Find common interests
  • Use them when horny
  • Just for the sake of it!
  • Block the stalkers

Disadvantages of gay apps

  • Pictures are not always true to real status, can also be outdated
  • If dick size is relevant to you, expect to be deceived!
  • Beware alert sounds! Learn how to use these apps first!
  • The best apps are payed services.

Predictable dangers of gay apps

As the “Murphy Law” goes “expect to happen the worst. If it can happen, it will!”.

Gay apps are an obvious danger if you are in a closed relationship —aka LTR. If your partner expects you to be true, don’t use them at all. As simple as that.

But tempting stuff is always around. One of your close friends might be showing you those guys he’s dating through all the gay apps. Is your mouth watering?

The dangers are as obvious as these. Though we always think “it is not going to happen —not to me!”. It finally does. Sooner than later.

  • Your partner grabs your phone and fins those apps and your horny messages sent to those sexy neighbours.
  • Is your partner suspicious? He can put you to test using one of his friends’ profile.
  • He knows what you like and can easily set up a fake profile to fish you!

Don’t risk it!

If you don’t want to be caught by your significant half you can get what you want anyway. We’re just talking about a little getaway.

Singles guys on the other hand don’t need any sort of suggestions. You are absolutely free to do what you please!

Don’t misunderstand me though!

This is not a suggestion for you but some information piece.

“There’s only one life. This one now! I really need your massage and, though feeling guilty, I just need it. So what the hell!”

So be safe by ordering a gay erotic massage. It’s also clean, and many men don’t see a massage as a way of cheating on your partner.

“Honestly I don’t know what my partner’s doing while out of town. We didn’t discuss this stuff either”.

So feeling horny while your partner is out of town? Call me and we can discuss the terms of your best gay erotic massage in Barcelona.

Paco: contact me!

I can offer you a wide range of gay Tantra massages, starting very vanilla and getting spicier though with a Prostate Massage. Also going really intimate with a Naked Massage.

Finally, more info about features and prices!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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