G-spot massage

G-spot massage

G-spot massage

G-spot massage also goes for “prostate massage“. Though most of the men don’t like to use medical terms. Because the more casual “G-spot” word sounds sexier!

What is it all about? Is it also a urban myth?

How come not everybody knows what it is about?

Before starting

Just one note before getting into deep details about it. We’re talking about prostate massage here because it is a relevant part of my therapies.

Of course it is not a compulsory feature. It is not included in all the massage menus I can offer you, though it is one of the most requested. I also understand men who don’t like this kind of stimulation.

So now let’s go on and explore what it is all about!

The name G-spot

While some guys still believe the letter “G” is taken from the “gynecology” spot, the truth is another. It was thanks to Ernst Gräfenberg that we now know about this mysterious spot. Ernst Gräfenberg was a pioneering sexologist.

Lately I also heard the name “P-spot” for “prostate”. Sounds logical!

Otherwise, there is this incoherent idea that both female and male have G-spots and P-spots.

I recently served a young lady who asked me:

“I am very curious about prostate massage! I also want to have it!”

I was sad to tell her she did not have a prostate though. As men don’t have a G-spot because we don’t have a vagina. She felt terribly frustrated.

The prostate

The prostate is not only a gland but also a valve. It allows the passing of the fluids that allows a male to urinate or ejaculate. Though never simultaneously. This is why you can’t pee while you ejaculate. Or vice-versa.

So don’t believe those teen-agers who tell you:

“I came so hard that I also peed inside her”.

Lastly, the prostate is also responsible for producing the seminal fluid.

Prostate pleasure

Even though some straight men don’t like this idea, all male orgasms are starting here. Because this gland has even more nerve endings than the penis. Another proof that it is a very relevant spot for male sexual pleasure.

This is the reason why so many customers tell me:

“This is the first time I ejaculate without even touching my penis”.

So if you do the right stimulation, and also some pelvic movements, the prostate is able to trigger some amazing orgasms!

G-spot massage

This “G” word has nothing to do with the “G” in “gay” though.

Another misunderstanding among many straight men is this. They avoid having “anything up my ass“. So not even a finger.

Though this practice does not change anyone’s psycho-affective world or sexual orientation.

G-spot massage tricks

Before starting any prostate stimulation we need to get ready. There is a bunch of things we need to have in mind.

  • Hygiene
  • Position
  • Lubrication
  • Finding the spot
  • Stimulating

Does it sound logical?

There is much more though! As in all departments of life, the neat thing to do is experiencing it.

So have an amazing prostate massage once you visit Barcelona.

Avoid prostate cancer!

Prostate cancer is more and more frequent. Though not in our gay community!

Guess why? Because stimulating the prostate helps releasing its toxins. So if you use your prostate frequently you’ll have much less risk of having prostate cancer.

Call me and enjoy it!

Paco: +34676648226 

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Some guys ask me if I have a friend also giving massages. Sure! Please check Matt!

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