Full time masseur

Full time masseur

Full time masseur

Full time masseur refers to a professional massage therapist who only works in this industry. As the opposite to amateurs, who have more than one job, and see massage as an “easy” extra income.

You guessed it though: only a pro can fulfil much more than just giving you the perfect service. So let’s check why and how!

Full time masseur

Full time means I’m working as an erotic tantric masseur the whole day. So the whole week! Full time means I have no other job or business. I am totally focused on my job as gay masseur.

This is a huge guarantee for your satisfaction and safety. It means I’m making my living exclusively on this job. It also means this is not some amateurish casual nor occasional gig.

Serving you is my goal, not just some stuff I’m doing on the side.

Most of the amateur masseurs use this job not only isn an extra income but “to have some fun”. On you!

Full time masseur for gay men

I am mostly serving gay men in Barcelona. Though oftentimes some bisensual men and also some straight men are contacting me as well. But I’m not closed or restricted to serving just one niche in the market.

So if someone wants to explore his intimate curiosities I will definitely help him out!

Being open means listening to everybody’s comments, needs and suggestions. And this is exactly what I’m doing every time I have the chance. The reason is I am this natural!

Serving gay men means I know most of their preferences. I’m always stressing the fact that individuality is your most powerful asset. Consequently that no niche as “gay men” means everybody has the same expectations.

Gay men build up partnerships, have open relationships, break up, sometimes prefer to be single. Whatever happens in your life will leave some prints on your soul.

And life treats each of us so differently!

Full time fetish masseur

“I liked so much the fact that you listened to me. I’m aware my wishes are not exactly mainstream fantasies. We had a very nice conversation, you set your own limits which I also understood. And we had an amazing bodywork!”

My erotic massage goes as far as this: fetish massage. It is relevant though that we speak about it first. I am obviously not promising anything I can’t see myself doing.

Tantric masseur

Tantric massage for gay men is a world of itself. I won’t say it is a huge work or a small one. It is just an isolated universe. Not everybody wishes to try this specific massage technique. Even men who’d really need it prefer to go the easy way of plain erotic massage. That’s never a problem to me!

If you wish to explore tantric massage though, then be safe and call me.

It’s time to try it!

Many men can’t believe I have this busy schedule though. Are you curious about testimonials!

As they say oftentimes, gay men are the most keen to experience everything they discover in the world. Sooner or later!

And my erotic and tantric massage can be a fascinating gay experience!

You can also choose among several professional masseurs advertising on this website. They are the exclusive gay masseurs!

Call me now or set up an appointment with any of them or with me. We can both serve in our gay massage studio and also outcall gay massage to your hotel room or private apartment.

Paco: contact us!

Go on exploring my website and blog: www.male-masseur.com There is much more to discover!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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