French massage customers

French massage customers

French massage customers

French massage customers are so different from each other though! So it’s very hard to put them all in one single category.

French men are also gay customers I really can’t describe in just a few words. Let’s try it though!

Global massage customers

First off let me say I am having so many different experiences with customers from around the world! I started writing about Italian customers, Canadian customers, German massage customers and Muslim customers. I am thinking these days about Brazilian customers.

You can easily feel tempted to tag these groups in a few categories. It is very difficult though. And please understand that judging is not my goal nor my interest.

French masseurs

France is a country where gay massage and erotic massage is a more frequently used service. More than in Spain, I mean. I have been told personally by French masseurs. Because I happen to have many customers who are also masseurs in France.

Massage prices in France may vary from very cheap services to extremely expensive ones. Depending on the city. Though also on the massage therapist’s body type —facial beauty is a key factor though!

Paris is the most expensive city in all aspects. And this city sports the record in amount of young gay masseurs and gay escorts.

What are French customers looking for?

French men look at facial beauty as well. They don’t ask for just penis sizes as other nationalities do.

So massage techniques, the essential oils used, the therapeutic massage styles you master. All these and much more are the frequent questions gay French customers want to know. Of course before hiring a masseur.

Professional massage and Swedish massage are also aspects French customers inquiere about though.

Dual action and mutual touch are also very interesting aspects. Gay French gentlemen want to know about these and also about how I’m performing the full body massage.

Gay Tantra massage is still quite unknown in France though. So many French customers have the specific interest in Tantric massage when they speak to me. They wish to learn what it is about and what the benefits are.

French massage customers

French men who come to me use to be sexy mature men. Sometimes with this scoundrel-ish two-days beard. French men are stylish but in a different way than Italians are. Italians wear impeccable white shirts, jeans and jackets. French guys are more on the casual and kinky side. Which is also sexy to me!

Since my French customers are visiting during late Spring and Summer they dress in shorts. Combined with Lacoste “nautic” shoes and striped t-shirts. Striped and stripped!

“Jean and I had an amazing experience with you. This will help us to explore many new things together”.

French men rarely travel alone. They usually come in pairs. Because French gay couples are very open minded and play all kind of experiments together. I also serve many pairs of friends who are single though traveling together.

“I will tell Pierre about your massage. He will absolutely like what I’ll tell him. And he will most probably hire you tomorrow afternoon”.

Word of mouth is also very effective among French men. They recommend me to their best friends or even to other men they meet at the hotel. That’s nice!

Gay French massage customers

The details that allow me to tell apart the different nationalities are the goals. I mean the goals a man has when requesting an erotic massage.

While Muslim men need some urgent and very passionate sex rather than erotic massage. German men are curious and wish to explore the blending of kinky and spiritual sides of massage.

Italians instead need to go deeper into the world of gay sexuality.

French gay men are extremely open and adventurous. It shows they have tried all kinds of practices and wish to explore and check mark a new experiment. Because Tantra is a new concept to many of them!

Stylish French massage customers

French men focus a lot on visuals and aesthetics. My body style, tall, hairy, strong and somewhat Nordic is appealing to most of them. Being a young daddy is also sexy to them. Others prefer Matt for his smooth body and his youth. Though oftentimes the choice is simply a question of aesthetic style.

To the elder French gentlemen the masseur’s experience or his professional approach is not the main interest.

During the massage session young French men usually get kinkier and kinkier. They frequently end up wishing we could offer much more. Yes, French men are passionate as well and know very well how to push your buttons!

Because they are very seducing and sometimes hard to refuse.

Please check my new post massage avec plaisir!

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Though you don’t have to be French! Remember I am serving men from all countries, races and beliefs.

Call me and ask me whatever you need to know.

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