5 keys to successful Foreplay massage

5 keys to successful Foreplay massage

Foreplay massage is something we usually pass by on our sensual habits. Call it stress or lack of time, lack of interest or plain urge to ejaculate. Missing foreplay is missing a lot though!

Consequently performing some foreplay for our sensual encounters is the guarantee for being successful in bed. With ourselves and also with our partners.

What is foreplay?

As the name induces to understand, foreplay is what happens “before” the sensual act itself. In my opinion, foreplay is not only a “before” but the “very during” of intimacy. And also the clue to have some amazing sex.

So foreplay should be always a relevant part of a sensual encounter.

If you are having some wonderful foreplay it means you are having some amazing sex!

Since psychologist see foreplay as:

  • Caressing
  • Kissing
  • Stroking
  • Mutual masturbation
  • Sweet talk
  • Oral sex

To me the crucial factor is time though. Because all this done in one minute would not be foreplay to me!

While sometimes psychologists say that foreplay is a kind of adolescent sex. And adolescent sex is precisely what teenagers are able to do in their forbidden encounters in a car or in some improvised hideaway.

This could also be a reason why I see foreplay as such a sexy moment! It is the time we cross some prohibition to dare into the landscapes of sex. Alas the magic world of sex!

Foreplay tricks

So take some time the next time. Forget stress and also all the next agenda items. It is finally time to share some true intimacy with your partner. Because the more important he is to you, the longer foreplay time he deserves.

  • Prepare a sweet surrounding
  • Soft lighting
  • Close all doors
  • Use the music you like
  • Burn some sandal sticks
  • Undress slowly
  • Discover each other
  • Look at each other the eyes

Of course there could be more personal details according to both of your likes and preferences. Absolutely!

Foreplay massage

Lastly, some customers who really like erotic massage always tell me that my massage is the perfect foreplay.

“I guess setting up the mood and making it gradually more sensual is what I like the most in a massage. Your foreplay massage is so exciting that I’d like to have sex with you like crazy!”

So foreplay means stimulating different body parts that react to sensual grips and strokes. Since this not only excites the desire for sex! It can sometimes lead to a very deep personal connection.

The intensity of sensual desire also has a very strong influence on performance. Be it for a massage or in your intimate life.

If your desire is higher your performance will be accordingly amazing.

Foreplay massage grips

The massage grips I’m using have the most exciting foreplay effect:

One of the secret tricks is the way you do it. The attitude you have to give all these specific strokes.

Each of them might have a different effect on every man. Because you have your personal preferences. Of course I can also sense the intensity of these stimulations on you during a massage.

Foreplay massage for gay men

Gay men are said to be the best lovers. Even for ladies! Maybe because gay men know a lot about foreplay.

These days though I’m having lots of customers who complain about their lack of foreplay with their sensual partners —husbands included.

Routine and habits are some bad friends in bed. Because breaking the routine is hard. It takes the time and the effort to think of new ways and new tricks.

But if you love somebody you will surely have the time to imagine what would work for you. You know him and his preferences. You are the best man to plan some really sexy foreplay grips to regain sensual excitement. And sensual satisfaction for both!

Don’t think he will not want to follow you. Don’t even warn him you’ll have some foreplay.

Seduction is all about surprising.

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