Fifty shades of gay

Fifty shades of gay

No typo, this is an intentional headline for a specific post about my erotic massage for gay men.

Fifty shades of gay

I could also call it “fifty shades of massage”. My sexy massage sessions have even more shades than just fifty. You will probably experience a unique session in your life, not comparable to other erotic Tantra massages.

Each and every gay man is a different and unique shade of what a man can be. You can find gazillions more than fifty shades when speaking on gay men.

Fifty shades of gay massage

My erotic massage can adapt to any shade which is your own. My massages is wonderful for all kinds of men, bisensual men, straight men and gay men.

Fifty shades of gay sensual role

Some men ask me about sensual roles. “Do I have to be a bottom?” or “are you a top?”.

Massage is a universal service, adapting to any shade of gay man —so to any shade of man. You are welcomed just the way you are!

Top men enjoy my massage since I am the one working on their whole body to achieve sensual excitement and a really lasting and intense release.

Bottom and versatile men are finally able to enjoy a bodywork which is intimate and allowing them to lay back and let me work for their pleasure. Regardless of sensual roles.

Fifty shades of gay sensual massage

What is your shade of massage?

If you have whatever kind of question about my massage service please contact me. I can answer via e-mail, whatsApp, SMS or direct phone call. Paco: contact me!

And please go on exploring my website. You will find exciting and interesting content, written and as a photo gallery, and also descriptions on the different massage sessions you can book with me. Starting with 45 minutes and stretching up to 2 hours massage sessions. Custom-taylored for your needs and expectations:

interactive Tantric massage!

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