Fetish masseur

Fetish masseur

Fetish masseur

What is a fetish masseur? Men with clear preferences for strong and hairy masseurs find in Paco the preferred and favorite gay masseur in Barcelona.

Fetish masseur

As you can see on all of my pictures I am a tall and hairy guy. And strong. Since I am practicing weights 3 or more times a week depending on my massage reservations. Because I see my sports training as a relevant part of my daily duties. And pleasures!

Gay fetish masseur

I am somewhat as a gay fetish to many men, so let’s say a fetish masseur. More and more gay men prefer hairy bodies rather than waxed bodies. Hairy feels more masculine and virile. Hairy men can shave or wax, but the smooth ones will never be hairy.

Gay men also fancy tall masseurs. On top of that I am naturally strong. I don’t use artificial ways to increase my muscular mass. Training hard and tough is the only way I believe in to stay fit and strong. And that’s what I do. Your fetish masseur likes training hard.

Uncut fetish masseur

Many customers ask me if I am uncut or uncircumcised. Yes I am uncut and proud to be so. Because more and more gay men fancy uncut dicks and thus to be served by an uncut masseur.

Not all the massage therapies I’m offering are equal in grips, techniques and attitude. Though the most popular gay massage is my naked massage.

As you can tell I never hide this specific detail about my private parts. It is also a fetish to many guys. Many men prefer me just because of this particular reason. This is also a reason that makes me a fetish masseur.

Ok, my uncut dick is not part of the massage. Since I’m not an escort don’t expect having sex with me. Though a really hot, intimate and sexy massage instead.

“Your massage is certainly closer to sex than I thought! So much much hotter than I was expecting! You’ll see me back very soon!”

So erotic massage is what I do. And my sessions take much longer than a plain blow-jow or a trick by an escort. You will be enjoying for a much longer time and also a much hotter session with me.

Because once you found the guy who is fulfilling all of your preferences you know you will hire him.

If your fetish is XXXL dicks then please check also Jorge on his website: gay escorts.

If you need more specific information about my male massage service please check exclusive masseurs.

Or call me contact me!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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