Fetish gay massage

Fetish gay massage

Fetish gay massage

Looking for some fetish gay massage? Meet the sexiest specialists in Barcelona.

Paco and Jack are serving the highest expectations clients in Barcelona. We recently added Jaume to our team. Jaume is a mature man, short but bold, extremely dominating and wise.

Paco and Jack are both serving many different fetish gay massages. So we are also open to your most intimate requests. While Jaume is specialised in slaves.

However, it is relevant you call to discuss your personal preferences.

Fetish gay massage

As we discussed in the previous post about fetish gay massage, this is a wonderful but really unique erotic experience. So with a strong focus on your unspeakable requests. Because each and every man has his own fetishes. Jack and I can serve a bunch of them. We just need you to tell us.

Not to mention that other guys in our team are also open to specify requests. As Leo, Benito, Jorge and  Matt. Especially if you prefer their unique physical assets. So please check gay massage directory Barcelona.

“Massage” or “experience”?

“Massage” is a word hardy describing what is going on in a fetish experience. So we prefer calling it an “experience” instead of a massage. The word “bodywork” is also an option.

Since we are masseurs, this is the starting point to understand what an erotic and intimate experience is about. So “massage” is like a base on top we are going to build the protocol. Or the ritual, however you prefer to call it.

What is “Fetish”?

Fetishes are all these associated with sensually exciting objects and situations. Fetishes are stimulating a very unique and intimate part of our character. Let’s stress that to me all of them are legitimate.

Fetish is a lot about context. Situations, places, or call it scenarios. Context is also the mood, the psychological pressure, and even the smells.

  • Place
  • Lighting
  • Attrezzo
  • Smells
  • Psychological pressure
  • Physical features
  • Gear
  • Voice
  • Authority versus submission
  • Choice of actions
  • Intimacy versus public

Fetish makes each man a unique man in the world. Though it’s easy to create some groups of interest, it is difficult to find two men with exactly the same preferences. Two men who like spanking will have in very different ways, paces or contexts.

Preparing your gay fetish massage

Some of the fetish gay massages need some planning though. If we happen not to have it, we might need to buy some specific instrument or gear. Or a kind of specific object you wish to use during our fetish gay massage session.

It is relevant to plan it ahead of time to succeed in all the details. Please contact me as soon as you know when you are willing to enjoy your fetish gay massages in Barcelona. This way we can have it all prepared for you. We need at least one weekday to shop and have it ready for you.

Catalog of fetish gay massage

These are just some random examples of fetish gay massage I have served in the last years. Yours could not be listed here, and that’s why I need you to contact me and discuss your personal fantasies and sensual dreams.

Jack though has a lot of gear and uniforms ready for you. Since he’s making some leather and metal gear by himself.

Military uniforms

I have some german genetics. You can have me all dressed up in German military uniforms. They really fit me well! Or any other. Just let me know which one.


From soft to hard, Paco and Jack are perfect to deliver some speaking —always under control.


Different methods of bending and tying you up, using different sorts of ropes, velcro, cuffs, etc.


Paco has a lot of experience in ticklish massage. This is absolutely sublime for tackle lovers!


Jack is an amazing specialist in leather gear. Also in plastic smells. Besides, he looks amazing in it!


All of us are dominating. We only serve submissive guys or slaves.

Water sports

Or call it “golden shower”, and the derivatives.

More gay fetish massages

Did you read my previous post about gay fetish massage? Stay tuned and read my next post on fetish gay massage coming soon!

We need to speak a bit prior to the session. We both have to be aware of limits and wish-list. A wrong move can damage the fetish gay massage and we both want it to be extremely exciting.

Call me for more details.

Guys who want plain sex please check Matt the gay escort.

See you in fetish Barcelona!

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