Ferry Sitges Barcelona

Ferry Sitges Barcelona

The new Ferry Sitges Barcelona is starting in just two weeks from now. On Saturday, April 16th 2016. It will unite by sea the big capital Barcelona with Sitges, the nice fishermen village and famous gay holiday destination.

This post was written back in 2016. Shortly after launching the ferry service the enterprise decided to close it down.

The main reasons were the low demand and also the fact the waves make the trip too uncomfortable along the Garraf cliffs.

Ferry Sitges Barcelona

These are some excellent news! Now you can choose among different options to travel from Barcelona to Sitges and back.

This Ferry service is said to cost 5 €.

Finally the gay men enjoying their holidays in Sitges can pay a visit to the big capital Barcelona. Most gay men know Barcelona is very close but don’t abandon Sitges just because they feel too lazy to take a train or a bus.

Now taking this ferry right from the Port d’Aigualdolç makes it much easier.

And the opposite! Many gay men visiting Barcelona heard about Sitges but don’t take a day to discover its amazing beauty and it’s Summer pleasures.

From Barcelona you will have a very easy access to this ferry’s pier. Just walk down the Ramblas, see Columbus Memorial and in two more minutes you’ll be embarking.

Sitges Barcelona Traveling times

The Blue Mar Ferries will take about 40 minutes to connect both ports.

Now there are many options to travel between Barcelona and Sitges.

  • Train
  • Ferry
  • Highway
  • Coast road
  • Taxi

The train takes about 15 minutes to arrive in Barcelona Sants. And just 5 more minutes to Passeig de Gràcia, the Designer Shops Boulevard in the city center.

By car the regular traveling time is about 45 minutes —depending on rush hours and traffic. It also depends on the choice you take. The beautiful road following the coastline of Garraf takes a bit more time, about a full hour. The segment between Castelldefels and Sitges is 16 km of winding road. You can’t drive faster than 40 or 60 km/h at some pints. The views over the Mediterranean sea are wonderful though!

The coastline road will drive you through Garraf, a very cute small village with excellent restaurants. You can also stop at a nudist beach called Cala Morisca, close to Vallcarca.

The payed highway allows you to drive at the speed of 90 km/h and is a quite straight line with many tunnels. It is a pricey options since it costs about 7 €.

Gay Ferry Sitges Barcelona

This new ferry will be a pleasing trip. You will be able to see all these nice spots from the sea. From Barcelona to Sitges:

  • The incredible Cemetery of Montjuic, the most luxurious quarter with a view!
  • The Airport El Prat
  • Castelldefels and its white sanded broad beach of tens of km.
  • Castelldefels’ leisure Port Ginesta
  • Garraf
  • Cala Morisca, the nudist beach
  • Vallcarca —with its ugly cement industry
  • Finally Aiguadolç, Sitges’ leisure port

The segment between Port Ginesta and Sitges is a cliff coast that almost reminds to Italian Amalfi coast to many people —for its winding road.

I hope the Ferry will offer some bar service to enjoy a tooltail during the trip. This would also help socialising among the gay passengers.

Gay-friendly Sitges and Barcelona

Barcelona and Sitges are both known in the whole world for being very gay-friendly cities.

Sitges is famous for its extremely gay-friendly ambiance. The famous “Calle del Pecado” —the street of Sin— is a short and narrow street with bars, terraces, a bunch of restaurants, french fries take aways, ice-cream shops, perfume and trendy bathing-suite shops.

This is the place to bee seen and to watch other gay men stroll around. Nothing really sinful happens there, but it is a nice starting point to dive more into Sitges’ secrets.

Barcelona has its Gay Eixample, the famous quarter where you’ll find fashions shops, discos and restaurants.

Forget about the hotels in Gay Eixample though. They are really expensive and offer a sad quality breakfast and even worse sleep quality —because of the noisy streets. And on top of that the staff working at these hotels are said to be arrogant and not too kind nor helpful —expensive hotels paying so low salaries. A not too gay sense of business.

If you have any questions about gay life in Barcelona and about gay massage in Sitges, just go on exploring our web site.

See you soon!

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