Setting up fair massage prices

Setting up fair massage prices

Setting up fair massage prices is a long process that may take years. This is a question many gay masseurs have asked me. My customers are also curious about this.There is nor reference in stocks or in product. Or is there?

Fair massage prices

I am seldom thinking about my massage prices. Why seldom? Because I have a huge amount of massage requests. And most of the customers are requesting the most expensive massage therapies from the range of massages I’m offering.

This means my prices are okay.

And also the fact that many customers are recurring. Both local customers and international customers.

“You should charge a higher fee. You are unique and amazing. Your service is much better than many others in your price category”.

This is what many customers have been always telling me. Anyway, I’m keeping the prices at the same level since 2010.

Setting up fair massage prices

The prices for my different massages are not random by any means. There is a bunch of reasons for all of them. Not just the time length but also the erotic intensity and the range of massage grips. There is another price criteria and it is based on the level of erotic intimacy. Would you be surprised if I tell you the most popular massages are also the massages on the highest price end?

These is all I’m having in mind:

  • My competitors
  • My business expenses
  • My highest massage quality
  • My taxes level
  • My targeted audience

Balanced and fair massage prices

Balance in prices is the consequence of being in the business for a long time. Masseurs who set some too low fares will disappear in a couple months because they won’t be able to face their bills. They will end up exhausted. They will soon feel abused by the customers as well. This might feel frustrating.

And there is much more about customers who are only paying extremely cheap massages. I will write a specific post about them in the future. Stay tuned!

Too expensive masseurs instead will be sitting next to the phone waiting for it to ring. No calls? Too expensive!

Fair massage prices and eroticism

Common sense will tell you that the highest erotic temperature and thus naked massages are the most requested. This is what everybody loves and expects when ordering some really hot gay massage —well, almost everybody.

Since naked massage is the most requested erotic level it is also the therapy on the high end of prices. It makes sense to everybody because everybody is paying it.

These are the different massage temperatures, from sensual to sexual:

Relaxing Massage

Prostate Massage

Naked Massage

Check them if you know what you’d like to enjoy!

Any questions? Call me now! Paco: +34 676 648 226

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See you in Barcelona!

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