Faceless masseurs

Faceless masseurs

Faceless masseurs

Faceless masseurs are the ones not showing their faces, as you guess by the self describing name. You can find thousands of them. But let’s face it —no pun intended: they are hiding for some reason.

It is not for some random reason. No excuses. These guys know why they are hiding!

Too often they are also stealing somebody else’s picture.

These are some advises so you can find the right masseur —and the right service!

Faceless masseurs

You will feel attracted by this amazing body. Defined, muscular, well blessed… though once you meet him you can be terribly deceived.

Unfortunately there is no way for you to know if that faceless guy is the one on the picture. That picture that moved you to spend money on a taxi. And also that impressive dick that caused you to waste your time. Did it look like manipulated with PhotoShop?

Why are there so many faceless masseurs?

There are many reasons for an erotic masseur or an escort to hide his face.

  • The picture is stolen
  • He is not handsome
  • The agency has many guys and is sending you a random one
  • This faceless masseur has a double life
  • He is offering an unlawful service
  • The guy is much older than you can think of. Experience should make you wiser. So why don’t they offer experience!

Additionally, I know many examples from these kind of guys. In fact I know one for each of these reasons. And a bunch of guys who have them all! Yep, sounds fun!

Remember though: it’s your money!

Consequences of hiring faceless masseurs

Needless to say you need to be aware of these. So avoid standing in the rain with no massage. Because faceless masseurs may disappear without ever cancelling your reservation! You will have to find out after waiting a long log time. In the rain? On the street?

These are some other consequences when you hire faceless masseurs:

  • You suddenly don’t like the whole package. Yes, they knew you would not like them!
  • The faceless masseur will not show up. Because he is having a drama with the girlfriend.
  • He just landed a more expensive service so he drops you —surprise!
  • Somebody else will serve you. You thought you were choosing the guy?
  • Awful massage! Does this guy have a clue about massage at all?
  • Cheaper services are always risky. Think of your own job and your own competitors.
  • Was it quality what you wanted?
  • Maybe you thought he was an honest masseur, even not showing his face?
  • Was it a sexy guy you wanted?

Choose the honest gay masseurs!

With me, Paco, and all the other exclusive masseurs you are always safe. All the way!

  • We show our faces.
  • Our pictures are recent and we are not hiding from our partners or from our family.
  • Everybody knows what our job is. We are “out the closet”. Also professionally.
  • We are proud of our job!
  • And we are also paying our taxes.
  • We have decent massage studios.
  • Conveniently located in the city center.

Our massage service is legal and it is impossible you experience any weird consequences by hiring us. While faceless masseurs can’t guarantee anything.

Our goal is your pleasure!

If you have any doubt please call to ask! Paco will be happy to answer!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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