Faceless massage

Faceless massage

The faceless massage is an anonymous service. There is a reason though for there not to be ahuman face.

Two years ago I wrote about faceless masseurs. Who they are, and what are they hiding from. This time the subject is not about their personal profile but about the service —or lack of it.

Matt and me are showing our faces. This is the attitude that demonstrates we guarantee our service with our names and our faces!

Why faceless massage?

The internet and the websites about contacts and kinky services show plenty of them. In fact, the majority of ads are faceless pictures. Just displaying some genitals, some body parts or just a chest.

All those pictures are not even their own! They steal them easily, since there is no face. These guys always remain anonymous. The reasons are too obvious though!

A faceless ad means a faceless service. Cheap, tacky and with no responsibility for your satisfaction.

No wonder the lack of professional service though!

“Seems like being faceless is already a loud and clear warning. I avoid them since I tried them for the first time, so never again!”

Faceless erotic massage

Besides, erotic massage is an even more sensitive kind of service. It is close to prostitution, and the people offering it are totally aware. Are they?

“That faceless guy’s body did not even correspond to the ad. His service was absolutely disgusting. Though it was cheap, it was all wasted money and time”.

That’s not happening with me though!

To me erotic massage for gay men is a respectable and honest service. Because I am dealing with guys who know what they want.

This doesn’t mean though that everybody’s out the closet. But this is not relevant to my service. Because I respect each and every man and his legitimate decisions.

The issue is how professional I want my service to be. Even if my customers don’t have a real name or a face-pic, I do. I am proud of my service, and this is the only thing that matters.

Obviously I stand for my job and my service. My customers know me for my job and my face. This is equal to showing the logotype or the symbol of a car’s brand.

No faceless massage

You can see me, you can talk to me. I am a real man, a real professional.

Paco: +34676648226

Go on reading about my blissful massage on www.male-masseur.com

See you soon!

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