Avoid expensive boyfriends by focussing on your genuine needs!

Expensive boyfriends

Avoid expensive boyfriends by focussing on your genuine needs!

Expensive boyfriends are too frequent these days. This is why I’m talking about them now.

Though “expensive” has a different meaning for everybody. And I mean it both economically and emotionally.

Since I started serving Tantric massages for men I have run into thousands of customers, some of them with amazing stories to tell. So you bet that with some clients conversations do get very personal. In terms of speaking out our intimate lives.

And guess what? Most of the guys complain about their boyfriends. This is one of the reasons my job is so useful to them. Almost like coaching.

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Expensive boyfriends

“You know I spent so much money on this guy. The new iPhone 23, the new Mercedes AMG Roadster, the new Hugo Boss Winter collection… you name it! And what was he giving me? Not even a mediocre blow job!”

One of my best friends is a psychologist and therapist. I also have long conversations with him about all kinds of subjects. Because we both see so many examples of relationships that don’t work. Though most of them can be saved and solved, it takes a hard process of tough decisions.

We don’t know it oftentimes. But each of us attracts a specific kind of man. And we fall into similar relationship patterns —again and again.

No big surprise if we always find the younger guys who need money and shopping-mall trips. If you give in just once you’ll give up for ever. Turns out it’s really hard to break this pattern. Deep down the generous man needs to be generous and giving. Call it also poor self confidence. Because if we buy the guy he’ll stay with us.

“He gets really angry if I don’t buy him what he needs”.

And we want to avoid this. Don’t we?

Bye bye to expensive boyfriends

You guessed it. It might be tough and sad. It might hurt you so deep. But letting go is the best way to take care of yourself. There are so many men in the world! Fortunately!

“Just one month after quitting that guy I felt much younger and full of energy! My life was fun again! To be a single man is really worth it!”

Obviously, sensual pleasure is one of the easiest things to buy. And if you make the math you’ll see it is really inexpensive. Especially if you understand the idea of “pay per view” on tv, hotels while traveling or rental cars —then that’s it.

“I’m hiring sex workers now. Of all kinds. Escorts, masseurs like you, amateurs… whatever. I feel so safe and free now”.

“I just pay for what I need. So I can also choose the men I really feel attracted to. No strings, no drama! I just discovered this new lifestyle and I feel much balanced”.

“Deciding when I want to have sensual pleasure is just great. I can even plan ahead. No need to bear with to those ‘headaches’ anymore”.

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Expensive boyfriends are ‘passé’

Society has changed. And will go on changing —constantly for sure. Technology allows us to organize our lives in a more and more efficient way every day. Call it selfishness or selfish living though. But you get exactly what you’re paying for!

Now men look down at those guys who have the burden of an exhausting relationship. And I mean it both emotionally and economically: exhausting, taxing!

That’s really out of fashion!

There are much smarter ways to live a complete life with sensual satisfaction. So you will be able to live with emotional balance and personal freedom.

You can call it also sensual satisfaction on demand!

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You’ll be saving money for sure!

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See you soon!

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