Evolving massage

Evolving massage

Evolving massage

Evolving massage is a concept I’m using in many dimensions.

First off, evolution is a clue that signalises experiences. Because my customers’ opinions do matter to me.

Secondly, my massage menus are structured in different levels.

Little changes

Massage should never be about stale protocols. Since there are so many different massage styles, why not blending them?

Evolution is always an advantage. Of course, seen as a positive change. Because adapting to customer’s needs means adapting to change. During the last years I have seen changes in the daily needs of my local customers. And in my international customers as well!

Emotional needs of gay men do change from year to year. I think technology has very much to do with some of these changes.

Adding to these you can also find changes in the way you do business. Shorter and shorter trips are cutting off the budget and the time.

So massage has to evolve as well!

Evolving massage

There is something relevant I can say about my customers. I do know them! Many of them are recurring customers.

Anyway, most of them do talk to me. They tell me their reasons to be stressed, some personal information pieces as well. And they also talk about intimate preferences.

Trust me I have seen many details that I don’t see just as individual changes. Because the gay community is a part of the global society.

Evolving mens’ needs

This post is not to get into details about this subject though. But gay men have gone from very anal needs to a deeper need of genuine skin communication.

When I started in tantric massage the thing was very much about receiving. And the evolution points into more and more reciprocity.

So I have been adapting and including what my customers wish to experience. In my therapies you will probably find a very high percentage —if not the unexpected 150%— of what you wish.

Evolving massage protocols

I see my massage menus —or “packages” as some guys call them— as stories. There are short stories with some things happening. And then there are longer stories, with a couple of twists in their scripts.

So each of my massages is a different story.

There are stories about peace and disconnection. As the Relaxing massage.

And then there are stories that start with peace but have a twist. From there we go through very passionate landscapes. Like in the naked massage.

So we will walk hand in hand through these different worlds. You can choose the path and the destination. Though I will give you a couple clues.

I see myself as a very open guy. Just call me and ask me whatever you need to know.

Paco: contact me!

Or ask me about the young gay masseurs working with me!

All of us will be very happy to serve you!

You can also check my Spanish website on www.elmasajeprohibido.com

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