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In-call erotic male massage Barcelona

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Out-call service

Welcome at our gay massage studio in Barcelona!

In-call massage in Barcelona

In-call and out-call massage in Barcelona is my job. And your convenience is first! Please check the different benefits for you of booking an in-call or an out-call. The place where you most will enjoy it is important to you —so it is to me and Tom.

We can serve both ways. Fees are exactly the same for both services so you don't have to calculate what is more affordable. The focus is on your convenience.

In-call massage studios

The best or nothing! My own apartment is the best massage studio in Barcelona. Discrete, always clean. With a very nice and intimate atmosphere.

We like to keep it very personal so we just have two big cabinets.

We don't want this to be a crowded place. You will never meet no other clients!

24 hours massage studio

We are open 24 hours. Just make an appointment for anytime during the day or night from Monday to Sunday.

Please book ahead if you are planning a massage after midnight!

Legal massage studio

The massage studio where we will serve your best in-call massage is absolutely legal, well decorated and professional. This may sound as redundant, but it is important. Don’t expose your profile, your safety or your money by visiting risky places.

Though legal massage studios have to stick to legal own times, we can sometimes make an exception. So whatever the time might be for your massage I can try to adapt. Just call and let me know. We will find the best option for sure.

Elegant massage studio

Our massage studio is well decorated and equipped with everything needed to pamper you. Have a shower to take off your sweat and prepare your skin for maximum sensitivity.

We have one big suite and one cabinet.

This way we can serve two friends who need individual and separate massages. Or even couples who don't want to share the same masseur and the same room.

Massage studio location

I chose a very convenient place in the city center. On a very popular street as Carrer Diputació.

Just one corner away from Metro L1 and L2 Universitat.

I like to work right in the city center, on Barcelona’s perfectly known avenues and streets. Currently here:

Carrer Diputació / Carrer Aribau

You can locate this intersection on google maps.

My premises are decorated and built to serve professional and legal special massages. With absolute discretion. You may have a shower on arrival and also after the massage session. You don’t need to bring anything with you. Just the will to lay back, let go and enjoy!

Included services and amenities:

Some one-use only slippers to avoid walking barefoot. Some clean, fresh and crisp towels to dry off the warm water.

I will offer you a drink: choose some warm tea, soda, fresh water, premium Gin-Tonic (G'Vine & Nordic Mist), premium Whisky (Cardhu) Vodka-Tonic or Catalan Cava —the equivalent to Champagne— depending on availability and massage menu.

After the massage you can enjoy again a wonderful shower to rinse off the massage oil we have been using. I have no problem by helping you with this and also use a sponge for even more effective rinsing.

We can shower together as a special feature of the 90 minutes and 120 minutes massage sessions.


Massages  24 hrs. Hotel Service

Tom's in-call massage service

Tom, Jack, Tyson, Leo, Angelo and Demetrios can also serve you at my studio. Please have in mind  you need to book ahead of time.

In-call erotic male massage Barcelona